• Karam V.
    08/10/2020 17:46

    If you look closely, the other constables are not really committed to stop their colleague.. 😂

  • Mamun A.
    03/10/2020 13:02

    Good job😁😁😝

  • Fer S.
    28/09/2020 08:04

    A good leader must set a good example. EVEN IF YOU ARE THEIR SUPERIOR, WORK YOUR ASS AND DO NOT BE A LAZY MONKEY. PERIOD!!! 🩍

  • Zed
    12/09/2020 05:22

    I once gave it to my boss like this, the only difference is I did it with words! Wish I had a baton too.

  • Saaket
    11/09/2020 13:32

    kal uske zindagi ka akhri din hoga

  • Shreyas G.
    09/09/2020 17:40

    I understand the mental torture they face while on duty Haslo yar tumhara baap wahi katrta toh na haste I understand how it feels when dad is still serving without having his sunday's rest

  • Shakkir H.
    09/09/2020 16:07

    And other officers simply didn't want to interrupt the show!

  • Binita M.
    05/09/2020 08:27

    Investigation should also be done on Sub-Inspector. For harassment on job. Definitely his superior made him soo frustrated that he took this step knowing this will make him loose his job.

  • Safthar K.
    31/08/2020 17:38


  • Fareed A.
    13/08/2020 15:36

    UP is a big state that can't control just one CM only , so UP to be divided in to 3 state for easy n safe rule to have law& order as well!!!

  • Fareed A.
    13/08/2020 15:30

    Yogi police of UP only, we can expect more from UP as well!!

  • Asif K.
    05/08/2020 12:21

    This is Karma... It tells us wherever you'll finger a wrong whole, you're fucked up...! Take a lesson you sick fucks.

  • Luke R.
    01/08/2020 09:48


  • Techi R.
    27/07/2020 12:21

    Mothrchod log tum north Indian khandhan chod hoti hai or rapist murder karne wali jaha apno ko bhi nhi pyar karti , you are nothing for me fuck of north Indian mar jaa tumlog ak talab me dub ke tab me kushi se jum utungi😆😆

  • Sourav M.
    24/07/2020 13:24

    What were the circumstances under which the constable was forced to take such an action should also be taken into consideration . May be he have been facing ill behaviour or heavy work pressure for which he took his frustration out . May b he was not capable to hold it any more .

  • Atif K.
    20/07/2020 03:19

    Police work hour should be up to only 8-9 hours

  • Vinod K.
    18/07/2020 10:49

    background music😆😆

  • RK B.
    18/07/2020 03:19

    UP niggas everywhere

  • Alex N.
    16/07/2020 19:42

    Guy who hit his superior! đŸ€ŁđŸ€ŁđŸ€Ł

  • Khaleel M.
    12/07/2020 15:26

    It appears all constables wanted the superiors ass whooped

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