• Soumyashree B.
    03/11/2020 08:53

    Me frm Mayurbhanj 😭

  • Muhammed M.
    30/10/2020 16:34


  • Tamara K.
    28/10/2020 17:52


  • Daniel R.
    28/10/2020 17:46

    Good lessons to be learned,and if this guy was squashed then more better and higher valuable lesson to learn that dont angry the calm giants ..stupid moron

  • Jayshree S.
    28/10/2020 17:06

    If elephant would have killed that man , it would have been good ,be purposely troubled elephant

  • Vimoo A.
    28/10/2020 16:47

    We have encroached their habitat and converted the land for commercial purpose, into estates with electrical fencing, where do these giants go for food, water etc. Its only natural that they come into our habitat. Forest dept shud plant bamboo, jackfruit, wild figs, etc within the elephant corridors to prevent them from venturing out looking for food and water.

  • Sivashakthi M.
    27/10/2020 17:01

    We humans really deserve corona and other viruses too disgusting peoples

  • Rajdutt L.
    27/10/2020 13:25

    Ek pdta apne aap smjhh aa jata!

  • C P.
    27/10/2020 08:30

    Saabaash Elephant....

  • Kshitij P.
    27/10/2020 07:04

    watch this

  • Guneet T.
    27/10/2020 00:37

    Karma is going to kick back this ungrateful human twice as hard . Bl***y Ra****sđŸ˜ĄđŸ€ŹđŸ€ŹđŸ€ŹđŸ€Ź

  • Jayesh N.
    26/10/2020 19:20

    That Son of B#### shud have been torned to pieces by the Tusker.. đŸ€ŹđŸ€Ź

  • Anish K.
    26/10/2020 17:53

    Kanpuriya hoga yeh aadmi

  • Vishwas G.
    26/10/2020 16:48


  • Pema C.
    26/10/2020 14:31

    This sick man needs to be b!tchslapped May karma unfold for him at some point when he is all alone somewhere there with this beautiful animal

  • Koel N.
    26/10/2020 13:51


  • Roshini R.
    26/10/2020 12:15

    Welldone elephantđŸ‘đŸ»đŸ‘đŸ»đŸ‘đŸ»

  • Saket S.
    26/10/2020 12:11

    please don't kill anyone

  • Gauresh S.
    26/10/2020 12:02

    its our mistake, not this innocent elephants

  • CairistiĂČna M.
    26/10/2020 10:18

    Sorry mate you deserved that!

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