One Of The World's Best Chefs Had A Eureka Moment Visiting India

The chef behind Eleven Madison Park, arguably the best restaurant in the world, said a trip to India changed his worldview on food.

06/22/2018 10:00 AM
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  • Shanmugam R.
    06/22/2018 11:14

    That was my india

  • Rakesh S.
    06/22/2018 11:21

    If you come to Kolkata we can get cat,dog cattle meat from graveyard available in restaurants

  • Abi A.
    06/22/2018 12:11

    Excalty. This what I was trying to tell people.

  • Yogesh K.
    06/22/2018 12:29

    That why I proud be indian

  • B G.
    06/22/2018 14:00

    பிரியாணி சாபுட்டு இறுகிய தோழா .

  • Meha I.
    06/22/2018 14:46


  • Rangana C.
    06/22/2018 15:03

    Woooooo..And This is my country...INDIA...the variety of taste & Food is beyond imagination...Proud to be an Indian.👈🇮🇳

  • Ankan G.
    06/22/2018 15:54

    Aur kuch log Masterchef Australia ke fan hai 😂😂😂

  • Satirtha T.
    06/22/2018 16:39

    He is an awesome man. I have seen few of his videos. And his humbleness made me think that with the kindness in your mouth you can win heart. And with shit coming out from your mouth like some Asshole Ramsey will make you realise the world is such a nasty place to stay.

  • Chinmayi I.
    06/22/2018 17:46

    Arre!! Being an Indian I havent tried all the cuisine of our nation 😁 every state has its own yummy varieties ! It is a world in itself 💖

  • Pinky K.
    06/22/2018 17:51

    NO WORDS. God bless

  • Debarati Y.
    06/22/2018 18:22

    It's not only food, it's fantastic fantasy to us,

  • Mehjabeen K.
    06/22/2018 20:06

    what type of resturant is he talking that we indians dnt hv😐

  • Sameer M.
    06/22/2018 21:47

    interesting isn't it

  • Amankshi R.
    06/22/2018 22:56

    ... Check this. Lol.

  • Karnamrta D.
    06/22/2018 23:24

    East or West, India is the BEST 😘

  • Naveen K.
    06/23/2018 04:38

    I have ate many cuisines..but nothing is near comparable to the local cuisines..I know we are underrated in many ways..thank god some one opened up in one part of many..and the one is considered the best..I am proud to be born Indian in every context..from culture to heritage to way of living, and yes of course food..

  • Tarun C.
    06/23/2018 05:14

    Real magic happens here in Indian cuisines

  • Souvik R.
    06/23/2018 05:16

    Why does he say there is no restaurants in India.... How he has such little information about the country.... He can tcompare the gastronomic scenerio of India with that of Africa.

  • Ankit L.
    06/23/2018 06:04