One Of The World's Best Chefs Had A Eureka Moment Visiting India

The chef behind Eleven Madison Park, arguably the best restaurant in the world, said a trip to India changed his worldview on food.

22/06/2018 10:00 AM
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  • Abhinav T.
    14/07/2018 22:34

    Ayush Kanwar Gaurav Mehan

  • Ankan S.
    29/06/2018 06:01

    It's not your fault man, you only got salt and pepper while we got shit load of spices,it can be difficult trying to make something by such limited variety

  • Amar V.
    28/06/2018 16:09

    Welcome to fabulous india!

  • Prathmesh H.
    28/06/2018 11:23

    He says you never heard about restaurants in India ... Which means they(in the west) have never hear about 'Michelin star' restaurants in India (cause indian restaurant haven't yet been rated or considered).

  • Arafat S.
    28/06/2018 10:32


  • Muttabi A.
    28/06/2018 05:42

    Send him to Hyderabad...

  • Ankit S.
    28/06/2018 05:12

    Surnayak Shukla

  • M S.
    28/06/2018 05:04

    True, it's naturally impossible to know the entire world. You will certainly know it when you real

  • Chandu N.
    28/06/2018 03:37

    Frog in the well 🐸

  • अमन म.
    28/06/2018 01:55

    ये है मेरा भारत। ✊👍

  • Hemant K.
    27/06/2018 16:23

    He just said india..once he start visiting places in india he will one can become "master chef" knowing all the varieties and combination of flavours कभी देशी चूल्हे में दबाकर भूनें आलू की चटनी खाकर देखना उसके अलख ही जायका है😋😊

  • Sumit A.
    27/06/2018 12:00

    Gupta ji ka burger khilao ise .... Sab bhool jayega ye

  • Abhilash K.
    27/06/2018 10:46

    watch later

  • Nikhil M.
    27/06/2018 10:40


  • Ayush K.
    26/06/2018 17:30

    India doesn't have restraunts,restraunts have India...

  • Ankit M.
    26/06/2018 16:08

    Watt a Man

  • Shrikant H.
    26/06/2018 15:54

    He is praising Indian cuisine ... but his last lines.. restaurants shud go to Africa Asia.. he may be meaning to learn new cuisines .

  • Ashor M.
    26/06/2018 15:11

    India hmmmm.... Incredible

  • Priyadarshini G.
    26/06/2018 14:40

    Prashant Barot

  • Sarfaraz K.
    26/06/2018 13:08

    isko Radio ki seek khilane hona

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