• Haseeb A.
    21 hours

    Some idiots even replaced Nizam with some unknown king in his Rolls Royce fact 😂

  • Muhmmad T.
    a day

    Proud to be a Muslim ❤️❤️❤️🔥 Muslim always on top in power no one can defeat us ❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥

  • Ahmed A.
    a day

    Hydrabad was forcefully occupied by Indian army, Otherwise it would be part of Bangladesh today

  • Anand T.
    2 days


  • Anand T.
    2 days

    Ever heard of Jagat Seth? Do your research properly ..

  • Mohammad A.
    2 days

    The rich and powerful nawabs of the last generations of india they very faithful to the people and they never a difference between religion Muslims or Hindu or other minor people and their courts were very honest and faithful the punishment was not partial the whole history was very good and powerful and popular honest the Nawabs of Hindustain so God's great and wonderful aameen

  • Tazeem K.
    3 days

    He donated some percentage to indian goverment

  • Justin S.
    4 days

    Mia bhai

  • Sibti A.
    4 days

    We ruled and we will again

  • Vikas K.
    6 days

    He was a true muslim who followed the holy book word to word. A true jihadi who financed the partition of india.

  • Chād D.
    09/05/2022 01:49

    Source of income Usman Ali?????

  • Amit V.
    08/05/2022 11:51

    इसी के गांड़ मारी थी पटेल जी ने।

  • Vikram S.
    08/05/2022 09:31

    And then nawad get fucked by gandhi .😄😄

  • Prashant S.
    08/05/2022 08:13

    We knew

  • Guru K.
    07/05/2022 12:18

    He is the one who wanted india to be broken!

  • Assad M.
    05/05/2022 17:49

    Hyderabad world class irrigation projects and infrastructure , best place for the world trade.

  • Assad M.
    05/05/2022 17:46

    Nizam also donated to India 5000kg gold during the war against China. He made Hyderabad state rich and people of Deccan had per capita income better than any other state. While growing up in telangana elders from all religions praised Nizam’s rule so living standard of people of Hyderabad. Yes , people of Telangana complained post independence Congress rule . Unfortunately, new generations don’t know history coz your brain washed by huge upper caste hijacker’s from Congress , RSS BJP ,and poor fooled by communists propaganda. Remember who don’t know real history will not have future.

  • Vic K.
    05/05/2022 11:19

    the difference between the nizam and the other billionaires mentioned is that the latter built their empire and their riches. The nizaams wealth was from the Golconda mines in his kingdom. And they were once the only discovered source of diamonds. That vein has now been exhausted Similar to king musa of Mali - the richest man if all times. All due to the gold mines in his kingdom. The wealth was never put to develop human resource / industry. And now mali has nothing left to show. Luckily countries like Saudi and the Emirates are not following the same path. The natural resources of those nations are being channeled to produce something more long lasting

  • Arbaaz K.
    04/05/2022 14:08

    But see he was muslim

  • Dip S.
    04/05/2022 05:13

    Pata hain hamin yehi to they brut india ke admin ka nazayaz baap.. Jo Pakistan ke pallu tale chupna chahta tha hydrabad ke aam logo ke sampatti ko lekar..

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