Packing food in plastic, newspapers to stop from July

India will ban the practice of wrapping and packing food in plastic packets and newspapers from July. Here’s why... 🌯➕📰= 🚫

19/01/2019 11:01 AM
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  • Starr N.
    20/01/2019 09:58

    But the ink from the paper?

  • Makkiah B.
    20/01/2019 09:45


  • David M.
    20/01/2019 00:30

    What hypocracy! Try cleaning up your streets,rivers vacant land etc......your country is worse than a pig stye, no wonder there is so much disease, sickness and death. I lived there for 8yrs, once even saw a dead body floating down the Hoogly river in Calcutta!

  • Xavier A.
    19/01/2019 18:04

    How are they JUST coming to this conclusion now?!

  • Yun Y.
    19/01/2019 17:56

    How about women's right?? Can you ban mistreatment of women, children and those untouchables?? That should be much higher in your agenda, you silly ass country.

  • Cee C.
    19/01/2019 17:52

    As if the way they handle and prepare their food is!

  • Ishaann M.
    19/01/2019 15:29

    Hope it serves better to environment and pollution too

  • Emil K.
    19/01/2019 15:19

    Wait wait I know! It makes them throw firebombs on elephants, gang rape their women and persecute Muslims!!! Am I right? Namaste.

  • Rohit M.
    19/01/2019 15:16

    Gud.!! They should also impose a strict action towards restaurants and eateries serving stale/ adulterated/contaminated or misleading meals..As of now the culprits are given very lenient punishments..Allowing them to continue crude practises with out the fear of permanent shit down..

  • Kostas K.
    19/01/2019 15:07

    υγιεινα οπως παντα!

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