Pakistan Vs. India At UNGA

What Pakistan PM Imran Khan called India’s human rights excesses, the Indian delegate called an “incessant rant” at the United Nations General Assembly.

28/09/2020 4:22 PMupdated: 28/09/2020 4:23 PM
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  • Gaurav B.
    4 days

    Chooza Niazi.... sabse bada chor niazi... go niazi go niazi.... ha ha ha..... get a proper home, nationality nd a proper wife.... Niazi....

  • Faisal A.
    4 days

    We love khan ❤🇵🇰

  • Karn S.
    7 days

    If Imran Khan is so much concerned about the well being of Kashmir then go and visit IOK and see the development after the abolition of articles. Visit POK and then compare who are really concerned about Kashmir. Now let's go a further back. How many times have Pakistan attacked India and how many times India have attacked Pakistan. He talks about peace. He labels Osama Bin laden a martyr after knowing that how many innocent lives he took. Then he speaks of Islamophobia. When did that Islamophobia went when China was brutally killing Muslims in there own country but he won't say about them as China is the new aid of Pakistan. Mr Imran Khan should learn the history first then speak of peace and harmony. The people of Pakistan who says it's better to be friends with India gets suppressed by the Pakistani government. Go to border areas and see how many times India does LoC violation by firing shells and how many times Pakistan does targeting civilian areas of the border. People there will answer your questions. 🙏

  • Saranga B.
    7 days

    Look who is lecturing about secularism..😂😂😂

  • Raheem U.
    7 days

    is RSS are Nazie or what?

  • Tarun S.
    14/01/2021 03:46

    Pakistan is into grey list,economically it’s into grave and in the clutches of China. So instead of thinking and acting on that situation he is still crying for INDIA on the matter which should have no concern to him.

  • Ayan C.
    13/01/2021 18:00

    Is pakistan hindu country?? It is muslim country, though some hindu lives in your country. So why india will not become a hindu country?? Don't worry we will not drive out any single muslim from our country.

  • Aminullah K.
    13/01/2021 15:27

    Fuck you Imran Khan

  • Muhammad S.
    12/01/2021 11:39

    India has to leave the occupied Kashmir IOK and Kashmir Will definitely get the freedom.

  • Hasan J.
    10/01/2021 22:55

    Atleast he the Khan can speak at an International platform whereas his Chai wala counterpart never imagine of giving an extempore at any international stage !

  • Mohsin S.
    10/01/2021 22:18

    India is now in the hand of killer and Indians will realise this after some time

  • Shehzad M.
    10/01/2021 19:51

    Wao a text reader against a leader their is no comparison

  • DrMunir A.
    09/01/2021 15:45

    Very impressive interview by pm lmran khan MashaAllah

  • Ahsan U.
    09/01/2021 14:47

    The great leader prime minister of Pak Imaran khan

  • Kashif K.
    09/01/2021 10:14

    This 6ka Cow Pisss Right Terrorist Yes Terrorist Yadv With Us ⚔️🇵🇰♥️⚔️

  • Vináy ß.
    09/01/2021 07:51

    CBKL 😂

  • Ialamhok B.
    09/01/2021 01:45

    As a cricketer, he should mind his own business

  • Syed R.
    09/01/2021 01:35

    He is a habitual liar

  • Naik Z.
    08/01/2021 02:44

    Mr Endia this is Khan not Nawaz shteef so ne careful

  • Naik Z.
    08/01/2021 02:43

    Weldon hero khan

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