• Govind R.
    08/19/2019 05:02

    Bhai tum pakistan me bash jao bc , brut india sala india ke toh har sai step ko galat dikhta hai ,aur pakistan jisne itne salo baad ek mandir khol diya toh wha , taarif karo , brut ka baap dharam ke raste chalne laga

  • Rana N.
    08/19/2019 05:02

    Because he respect minorities.

  • Faizan H.
    08/19/2019 05:06

    “You are free; you are free to go to your temples; free to go to your mosques or to any other places of worship in the State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or cast or creed that has Nothing to do with the business of the state” Founder of Pakistan - M A Jinnah

  • Shakti T.
    08/19/2019 05:06

    So temples is closed in Pakistan?? For what reason?

  • Sofia N.
    08/19/2019 05:06

    I think it's a brilliant initiative of PMIK treating everybody equal and giving them the full freedom to worship what ever they want in Pakistan...that's never happened before so openly...respect to PMIK...salute you sir...👏👏👏

  • Irfan M.
    08/19/2019 05:06

    Our islam teach us to protect worship places of minorities and given them free hand to worship their prayers

  • Shariq A.
    08/19/2019 05:07

    Pakistan is not doing a favour to them. They have deprived them of their religious freedoms as a citizen. and forceful conversion to islam or any religion can happen off papers. They have to take strong measures to protect and prevent that from happening too.

  • Pir H.
    08/19/2019 05:07

    Not only minorities everyone was been attack by terrorists i have also lost some relatives in terror attack ......but Thanks to God situation is now much better almost no terrorism

  • Omar G.
    08/19/2019 05:09

    Minorities have ful right in Pak and this is totally wrong that they live in fear or treated badly..Pak is much better to live for minorities then india. Entire world know wats going in kashmir and other part with muslims by RSS and other extremist hindus..more over this temple got closed after babri masjid in revenge and reopned after yrs finally..Ques is when Gov of india will reopen Babri Masjid and show concern for muslims ?

  • Junaid M.
    08/19/2019 05:11

    They are moving towards diversity now And we are going to take there previous place soon 🔜

  • Ali C.
    08/19/2019 05:12

    It is not indian city jammu but disputed jaamu

  • Jha R.
    08/19/2019 05:13

    Hindus still exists in Pakistan?

  • Mohammad H.
    08/19/2019 05:13

    99.99% of the present day Muslims in the subcontinent are converts from once lower caste Hindus. They were not treated equally by the Brahmins so, they escaped to another religion. You can’t really blame the lower castes or untouchables for doing that.

  • Siddharth T.
    08/19/2019 05:14

    What a joke first time since independence... trying to improve their image globally just so they can beg for more money..

  • Shahrukh A.
    08/19/2019 05:15

    Why are we worried about terrorist country? All Pakistanis are terrorist...PKMB

  • Souvik R.
    08/19/2019 05:15

    Today India is going through the same situation that Pakistan is trying to fix.

  • AK K.
    08/19/2019 05:17

    This is a great job. But I wonder hindus still lives in India. Every one has equal rights to worship.

  • Raju M.
    08/19/2019 05:18

    This is not a favor but a basic human right. Every person must have the right to practice and follow his religion in any part of the world. Islam gives these rights to minorities and as Muslims we must respect that.

  • Osman A.
    08/19/2019 05:18

    We are proud of ourself. #Be #like #Pakistani #no #atrocities #against #minorities #peaceful #pakistan #modi #terrorist #RSS #terrorist

  • Sufi J.
    08/19/2019 05:19

    Jha Rakesh In Sindh there is large no.or hindus.. and we live peacefully...