Patient’s Kin Assault Hospital Staff In Delhi

This act of violence in a Delhi hospital ticked all the wrong boxes. How stretched is India’s healthcare system?

22/06/2019 3:04 AM
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  • Kishor M.
    24/07/2019 16:46

    Treatment nhi hone PR sare doctor s ko maro

  • Kishor M.
    24/07/2019 16:45

    Ek dum sahi hua

  • Prameet D.
    24/07/2019 13:32


  • Shailest P.
    24/07/2019 06:37

    The video says "referred to another hospital for medical test". What if the said test are not available in that hospital? Isn't that the doing of our govt. Not providing sufficient manpower and infrastructure. And as far as I know, you need a forensic doctor to handle rape cases, to collect evidence and there are a certain long list of procedures to be followed. If some junior doctors had intervened, the evidence might have been contaminated n what if the evidence doesn't points to the culprit, it might create a whole different case. Yes if the doctors had refused service, the basic services which he is supposed to give to rescue or to treat the emergency conditions that may affect the life of the patient, then he is at fault. He should try everything to save the patient life and refer the patient when she is stable. But if circumstances prevail that certain interventions or treatments which is not available in that particular hospital, than after giving first aid, he better refer the patient. Yes, doctors can't refuse service but sometime referring to another might not mean they are refusing service. It might be for the better of the patients.

  • Md F.
    24/07/2019 03:02

    Good maro sab doctors and staffs ko

  • Akash D.
    23/07/2019 19:56

    This is what happens when the majority of the youth is involved in Politics. You can't blame Staffs out their but i must say that the Emergency service should be available for 24*7. You got what you voted for.You need to appreciate the good deeds that those doctors has done before you Clash with them.But remember that India is a Land of Corruption where the poor are not given a damn, a country where the criminals/uneducated become ministers and a land where it is easier to commit a murder but toilsome to get a justice.

  • Adarsh S.
    23/07/2019 18:14

    Closed after 4 pm and emergency services?????

  • Junaid Z.
    23/07/2019 15:13

    I think in sab haadso ke liye govt zimmedar hai

  • Junaid Z.
    23/07/2019 15:12

    Uneducate log sarkar banayege to woh sikhsa aur swasth par dhyan na de kar bhavya murti aur smarak hi banwayge current govt ki yehi halat hai badi afsos ki baat hai bharat ki jul gdp ka sirf 1.4 % health ke liye.

  • Tanvir S.
    22/07/2019 13:07

    Ok good

  • Nirmal N.
    22/07/2019 04:06

    Enha kutia doctor nal edha he hona chada ha

  • Sandeep M.
    21/07/2019 14:34

    Hospital management is responsible for this issue 😡😡

  • Lky K.
    21/07/2019 10:28

    Ki banegaa desh daa yaaar kehnde 1% of GDP v ni kharch hunda fereral(central) te state government vallo healthcare sector ch enna supne rakhe vadde ko superpower banna gaa .

  • Tenzing P.
    21/07/2019 07:35

    this is really bad situation.

  • Mudasir R.
    20/07/2019 18:28

    It happens only in India ,and say digital foot

  • M N.
    19/07/2019 11:44

    Narendra Modi we would really appreciate it if you and your government funded HEALTHCARE facility of our country the same way it funded the 2019 elections and all the unnecessary shit you guys do. For fuck sake increase your budget for healthcare and education assholes

  • Keshav C.
    19/07/2019 04:10

    maro sale chor doctor sabko ye sala sabse bada aatanki hai desh me

  • Arif A.
    18/07/2019 18:10

    The same thing happened to me here in Barpeta Road Govt Hospital also after I met with an accident and taken to hospital at around 7 PM ...they told me to come on next day for test and x-ray so that they could findout if I had any fracture on my body. I was in pain and after being said several times about the difficulty I was facing with my hand, the staff told me they could do nothing because it's 7 PM .My question is what if anyone meet with an accident after 4 PM ,should he be not provided with the treatment , just because it's 4PM and Ur life has no value ...Ur life would have value if u would have met with an accident before 4 PM. And if service are not available after 4 PM then what is the use of writing 24hrs emergency services. According to them no matter how serious a person is,he would have to be admitted on the next day and given treatment because it's 4 PM now and the emergency services is closed....

  • Abhinav N.
    18/07/2019 06:14

    Big shame❗️

  • Ajeet S.
    18/07/2019 05:37

    Jo v ho rha h doctor k sath bhtt sayi ho rha doctor k maa ka bhosra sale normal person ko v patient bna dete h or bill to lakho me bnate h...

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