• Wajahat K.
    05/03/2021 17:00


  • Shinu S.
    27/02/2021 17:45


  • নন্দিতা দ.
    21/02/2021 09:11

    Scorpians are always fashionable 😂

  • Sandesh P.
    15/02/2021 11:13


  • Raj C.
    14/02/2021 03:03

    Its a process of filling gobar into brain 🧠 who doesn't have brain

  • Vishnu D.
    11/02/2021 21:44

    Return our 7 (almost) years you waste, mr modi. We took you a serious person for nation, but you were serious about your garbage management by changing dresses. You took the job as dress compition.

  • Krishna P.
    10/02/2021 16:27

    Brut didn't show PM Modi has also got big Ba..la😂😂

  • Sanki S.
    10/02/2021 02:13

    if i wear full sleeve i hv to wash extra!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sk S.
    08/02/2021 19:15


  • Shiva K.
    08/02/2021 17:34

    Nonsense PM copied from other persons ... nalayak

  • Hina K.
    08/02/2021 16:51

    Modi ji your beard is looking like a Muslim guy but you are still busy in spreading hate. Try to spread love and peace 🙏

  • Gladson R.
    08/02/2021 16:06

    Modi ko RSS naam ka ek beauty parlour kolke buisness start karo chaai bechne ki zaroorat nahi hai...

  • Gladson R.
    08/02/2021 16:05

    Interview lene wala bada bc aur Bolne wala india ka liar mc...

  • Shadiya C.
    08/02/2021 13:56

    Better go do some tweets he will respond.largest democratic country of ours is fighting against Modi 😠 and his greedy colleagues😠and some blind bjp supporters who don't care no matter even if modi sell themselves too they will support him.(if some bjp supporters see this think on wat is happening with LIC,airindia, deathly hatered spreading by bjp government,and the biggest wealth of country Farmers# and how hardly government is trying different ways to hurt them and even if you feel to support bjp government.as a human nothing else to do rather than praying and hoping for better days) kisan

  • Yuva R.
    08/02/2021 06:58

    I trust this?

  • Ahmed S.
    07/02/2021 12:31

    His fondness for saffron colour and lack of green colour represents his mentality and the current situation of india. Those who know him knows what it means

  • Shaikh R.
    06/02/2021 17:38

    Kittna phekta hai

  • Rizwan S.
    06/02/2021 13:48

    At least show 10 percent of these interest of styling nation and people of nation ...

  • Sania A.
    06/02/2021 10:52

    No matter how expensive gear he wears, it looks cheap on him joker of politics 🤑

  • Unais U.
    06/02/2021 04:53

    No one cares about fashion in this crisis period !!!! Especially if you are leading a nation!!!

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