• Mangboi S.
    25/08/2020 04:43

    The government should focus on planting more trees.. Developing village and remote areas too.. Not only cities

  • Shama P.
    25/08/2020 04:15


  • Jim S.
    24/08/2020 03:53

    Madarchod . When you MF can show other cities inundated with water did you assholes forget Northeastern States like Guwahati and the rest? Or you nincompoops think that NE is a foreign land? 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 Shove this up where the sun dont shine.

  • Hara K.
    22/08/2020 13:23

    Because of honest and highly skilled engineers and planners in charge.

  • Debdeep G.
    22/08/2020 09:07

    What is a drainage system? 🤔

  • Rahul R.
    22/08/2020 05:16

    Do you know what soaks water?? Yes, that's soil. Well, if there won't be enough soil and just cemented roads where would the water go. Even the villages get flooded every year. It's because we have forgotten that flood is a natural phenomenon to recycle soil. But today, flood is considered as a natural calamity and it's because of the lack of trees. We know that tree roots hold the soil firmly and won't let the water wash it away. It is too simple if we try doing it. But we are more focused on the so called development.

  • Srijana S.
    22/08/2020 04:33

    Insaan nature aagey bewas laachaar hai.

  • Kiran K.
    21/08/2020 20:44


  • Sahil G.
    21/08/2020 18:08

    Sab Nehru ki galti h.....bolo waah Modi ji waah...

  • Apoorv V.
    21/08/2020 17:17

    Aatm nirbhar Bharat learn swimming

  • Vikas G.
    21/08/2020 16:17

    Loved this video. You raise every single point & root is choosing disasters over planners in every election.

  • Prashant C.
    21/08/2020 16:03

    This is the consequence of the immense concretisation of the sideways of roads , deforestation and human greed ! Will have to go through this ,no matter what!

  • Ajay G.
    21/08/2020 16:02

    Due to curruption

  • Hame L.
    21/08/2020 15:55

    Global warming motherf₩€kers

  • Diganta S.
    21/08/2020 15:31

    This are developed by Congress and Nehru is responsible. In recent BJP developed many smart cities where only aliens can reach. 😂

  • Mubeen K.
    21/08/2020 15:23

    Because people don't vote on such issues

  • Reuben B.
    21/08/2020 15:22

    Drainage system is an underrated infrastructure in the country.

  • Naheda A.
    21/08/2020 15:22

    Development at this cost??

  • Imtiyaz A.
    21/08/2020 15:21

    India mostly cities not proper planning. Lot of forests was cuts, water sources flows was changed or make narrow. Absolute imbalance of natural resources.

  • Madas A.
    21/08/2020 15:07

    The boat is not on the lake. But the buildings are on the lake 🤐🤐

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