Relatives Of Covid-19 Patients Steal Oxygen Cylinders In MP Hospital

Hospitals in many Indian states are running out of oxygen necessary for critical Covid-19 patients. This oxygen cylinder theft in a district hospital in Madhya Pradesh shows the desperation on the ground...

22/04/2021 1:27 PM
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  • Garima B.
    27/04/2021 17:10

    .... And this is not del

  • Kailash P.
    26/04/2021 01:07

    BJP ruled States are pathetic in our country

  • Md R.
    25/04/2021 23:20

    Modi media sleep 💤 😴 🙄 👌 kumb mela spreading virus and police 🚔 given promise after all good time Make sure all dies 😉 in India 🇮🇳 no oxygen no beds and hospital charges covid patients more then 5 to 20 lakes in a weak killing everyone not giving dead bodies...BJP dogs 🐕 roaming on road rally in Bangladesh 🇧🇩 elections

  • Prakash J.
    25/04/2021 18:01

    Media is earning money

  • Prakash J.
    25/04/2021 18:01

    Plz show postive report also

  • Imthiyaz A.
    25/04/2021 14:26

    God protect us from illiterate leadership

  • Debjit K.
    24/04/2021 19:03

    Sayan Chatterjee

  • Amits H.
    24/04/2021 09:36

    You need to first check on the bloody politicians...they are ones who do all this

  • Samjhana M.
    24/04/2021 07:43


  • Suvam M.
    24/04/2021 05:12

    Those theaves should be encountered

  • Prabhan B.
    24/04/2021 05:04

    I thought they will take a dive in ganga river🤔 why oxygen now.... ?

  • Mehboob K.
    23/04/2021 23:51

    Modism 😥😥😥

  • Asfandyar K.
    23/04/2021 23:39

    Get well soon dear neighbor 🇮🇳 t.. We are praying for you 🙏

  • Mohammed A.
    23/04/2021 20:45

    Emergency medical services are under political' party diplomacy in india. Ruling political party bharatya janata party are responsible for panic situation in india.

  • Swapna S.
    23/04/2021 18:12

    Centre Sadly is busy now in elections rather than saving lives!!

  • Rakesh R.
    23/04/2021 15:45

    Pls learn something frm South India though cases r high v have surplus oxygen.. spend on infrastructure Medical etc nt on statues god etc

  • Abhishek S.
    23/04/2021 14:42


  • Waqas S.
    23/04/2021 11:45

    May Allah Kareem have mercy on the whole world and keep everyone safe. 👽🦠🦠 !⚠🚨 ✅ SOPs😷✅

  • Karen N.
    23/04/2021 09:34

    What the hell is going on over there, if they got their vaccinations that does not mean they are immune from covid or unable to pass the virus on, so it's pointless really, use common sense...

  • Sameer H.
    23/04/2021 08:24

    No need to buy Oxygen. No need to build Hospitals. We need Mandir & Masjid, we need Statue of Unity. We need Central Vista Project. log to aur paida honnge.

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