• Venkatesh P.
    01/17/2019 04:13

    Brut Rahul , hate India , Hate Hindus , Divide India . Talk about Spain

  • Simhadri D.
    01/17/2019 04:18

    And these people expect development and jobs.

  • Vineeth V.
    01/17/2019 04:20

    have you even seen one up close? The bulls are not tied by a rope around their nose, even the slightest bit of cheating leads to disqualification, do you think the people who raise them since the bulls were a calf would let some idiot abuse their bulls with chilli powder and what not? Pls carry out some personal research instead of sharing some videos from paid medias

  • Yash J.
    01/17/2019 04:21

    the original challenge in SC was to TN regulation of Jallikattu act. In AWBI vs A. Nagaraj, A state act. How can they bring in another act like this? Also I don't know why they are stressing on Peta and not on AWBI. A statutory Indian body which filed the case. SMH

  • Abinaya J.
    01/17/2019 04:22

    What ever mentioned in the vedio is bullshit !! It's much more than just our tradition ! Get your facts right before you expose them to the public 😡

  • V A.
    01/17/2019 04:23

    The worst thing is to see the last guy telling he is not proud of his education or upbringing, but proud of participating in jallikattu. Sad to see the young minds getting corrupted by politics. I'm a tamilian, and I'm sensible. We have a lot of better sports to play. We must understand that culture has to be changed every now and then.

  • Hrushikesh C.
    01/17/2019 04:27

    People wasting time in this shit and then said we don't get jobs where other people take job in that period and when vacancy get full this people say there are no jobs

  • Desmond S.
    01/17/2019 04:28

    Prehistoric imbeciles

  • Bharadwaj R.
    01/17/2019 04:29

    Then what about horse racing and bull fights 🙄🙄

  • Mohan S.
    01/17/2019 04:29

    File a PIL & saying it's all about gender parity & not about customs & traditions. Women should be allowed to participate.

  • Sabari K.
    01/17/2019 04:30

    Common guys don't mess with our traditions, and Don't forget we are one the top states with literacy rate and we(tamils) are second largest tax payers in the country,

  • Sabari K.
    01/17/2019 04:33

    We don't fuckup with others in the name of cow safety,

  • Sathish M.
    01/17/2019 04:33

    Waiting for narcissistic idiots to comment against jallikattu without even knowing anything about it.. just STFU and know stuff about its significance.

  • Lokeshvaran
    01/17/2019 04:34

    is back to what it does the best. Bring back some old controversies and watch people fight for it. Obviously other state people who knew nothing about this will say its bad, after seeing this video. But there are a lot more that is not shown, that matters the most in Jallikattu. Unlike you, we don't slaughter bulls, we worship them as Gods

  • Shoaib I.
    01/17/2019 04:35

    Wrost nation ever

  • Sabari K.
    01/17/2019 04:35

    And we don't disturb any cows, we portray our bulls as our brothers, what do you know about our emotions and traditions and our braveness you broiler chickens, just go to a mnc company and burn your asshes in the name of development

  • Robin Z.
    01/17/2019 04:36

    Already we தமிழர் kicked the ripe asses of PETA 👊🖕😜 So Brut don't ever post anything against our culture, if you really care about animals, first go and fuck with Horse race communities or diary farm MNCs.

  • Manju M.
    01/17/2019 04:37

    Hey what ur thinking abt our tradiations ahh this is a legend game no one can stop us we r not harming them we are treating them us like our God's this our tradiation if u have guts just come an face not posting such stupid videos we can also post such videos of yours just mind ur own business we won't sit and watch

  • Sameer S.
    01/17/2019 04:38

    There should not be a complete ban, but yes well laid rules which helps less cruelty with Animal should be the way forward.

  • Manju M.
    01/17/2019 04:38

    U can slaughter a cow by making has leather from them don't mess with us