Soumitra Chatterjee: The Cerebral Star

Best remembered for his roles in Satyajit Ray’s iconic films, he was also a poet and a prolific writer. He passed away of complications due to Covid earlier this month. This is his story.

18/11/2020 3:39 PM
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  • MA B.
    19/01/2021 00:56

    It's chottopadhay not Chatterjee.

  • Sudakshina B.
    13/01/2021 15:59

    Indeed. Unmatched persona

  • Moupali S.
    24/11/2020 21:29

    The most charismatic personality in Bengali cinema 🙏

  • Aman S.
    24/11/2020 19:26


  • Debojeet B.
    22/11/2020 15:24

    Soumitra Chaterjee ji will remain in the memories as one of the most iconic figures of Indian cinema. He was a great actor with precise & clear dialogue delivering style.

  • Prakriti M.
    22/11/2020 10:23


  • Kirti D.
    22/11/2020 03:03

    Rest in peace 🙏

  • Mamta M.
    21/11/2020 19:59


  • Sheikh S.
    21/11/2020 19:50

    Sorry to say you guys recognized him as a regional actor. But he is not. To act only in Bollywood is not a big thing. Bollywood films don't even won Oscars, does that mean Bollywood is underdog ??? Same goes for bengali ,Tamil, Telugu, etc films. It's the craft which matters the most. I am from Bangladesh and I respect all the Bengali..Malayalam,Tamil, kannada and Hindi actors. Bollywood is just a commercial Thug. Nothing more than that.

  • Shubobrata C.
    21/11/2020 15:11

    Thanks for sharing 🙏🙏

  • Indrayudh C.
    21/11/2020 14:29

    Once a legend, always a LEGEND 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Rimu J.
    21/11/2020 10:04


  • Ranit K.
    21/11/2020 03:39 Video is out now.. বাঙালির অপুর উদ্দেশ্যে আমাদের একটি ছোট্ট শ্রদ্ধার্ঘ্য। ভালো থেকো ফেলুদা।

  • Shrabani B.
    21/11/2020 02:58

    আমাদের মিত্তিরবাবু ❤️

  • Ellora D.
    20/11/2020 19:11

    thanks brute for your tribute... end of an era....

  • Soumilee D.
    20/11/2020 16:04

    Yes, regional because he turned down multiple offers from Bollywood. Regional, because he was conferred with France's highest civilian award and a number of other international accolades. Cummon , you're better than this.

  • Runa M.
    20/11/2020 11:50


  • Matilda M.
    20/11/2020 08:52

    I saw many of his movies, his acting is good and looked good on the screen

  • Avik G.
    20/11/2020 06:17

    What do you mean by regional actor? What makes national actors? Bollywood?

  • Sohini N.
    19/11/2020 19:50

    Regional? Lol. He was and will be greater than 90 percent of Bollywood

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