• Pitri A.
    16/02/2021 01:53

    When dog is more human than human

  • Michelle G.
    15/01/2021 07:42

    Heart breaking

  • Galina F.
    07/12/2020 12:30

    Боже! Який жах!

  • Juan A.
    20/11/2020 13:27

    And the cows are holy....so much for...wisdom.

  • Jamal K.
    28/07/2020 16:50

    كلاب شاردة أنقذت طفلة رميتها إنسانة من جنسنا. كان فين ياكلوها الكلاب متل ما منفكر نحنا، بس شكلن أوفياء ومسالمين بس هيك

  • Mark M.
    23/07/2020 20:31

    God bless you. Baby.

  • Lee K.
    21/07/2020 20:20

    Unfortunately things like this will continue until we stop being scared of being called racist if we say something, at the end of the day it doesn't matter what colour your skin is in matters what you do with your heart, just because you have a girl doesn't give Indians or any nationality the right to treat another human being like that, to make a better world you first have to make a better you.

  • Mandy N.
    13/06/2020 08:13

    Without female who will give birth to there sons if they don’t want the baby girl give her up for someone else to love her and give her a home I hope that the nasty woman can never have any sons or any more children every baby boy or girl are so precious

  • Claudia C.
    12/06/2020 05:52

    This is beyon sickening. How can someone do that. The real animals walk on 2 legs and think they are better than other species when in truth people just distroy...

  • Elizabeth M.
    11/05/2020 13:40

    What a disgusting so called human

  • Suman Y.
    04/05/2020 07:17

    It' shamless on those humanity that thought is so cheap for girl's child.Dogs have more humanistic than human.

  • Mizan M.
    02/05/2020 20:42


  • Malae F.
    20/04/2020 14:13

    . So sad 😥

  • Perri M.
    13/04/2020 00:03

    If they don’t want female babies then they should keep their legs CLOSED !!!! 😡

  • صفاء ا.
    09/04/2020 20:11

    أنوارألهدايه السماوي

  • Naushad S.
    09/04/2020 19:58


  • Nildrbandri C.
    09/04/2020 19:11

    Bhen chod gand mari duniya

  • Muhammad A.
    09/04/2020 18:28

    dogs are much better than humans..😭

  • Gopalsingh H.
    09/04/2020 18:12

    Very sad

  • Rinki S.
    09/04/2020 17:46

    Oooo god halpe your child

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