Taapsee Pannu On Why Domestic Violence Is Normalised

Why even one 'thappad' matters: Taapsee Pannu tells Brut why women are equally responsible for normalising domestic violence.

27/02/2020 2:27 PMupdated: 27/02/2020 4:24 PM
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  • Farah S.
    08/04/2020 10:16

    Deep sensitive concept,

  • Khushboo P.
    24/03/2020 10:45

    Head's off!!!

  • Pari H.
    24/03/2020 09:42

    Can you slap your mom out of stress? So how can you slap your wife?

  • Hemant S.
    24/03/2020 07:12

    Wahi "slap" chudai me gand PR padjay. Toh maja aata he tumhe by porn films industry Jo ladies LOGO ne " strong " Ki he # hum toh viewers he

  • Shikha B.
    23/03/2020 06:14

    Men get women to make their life u think love can actually happen between two people who know each other so little....and we as women are told by the society,our parents to get marrried as they will not be always with us which means we r Looked at as weak by our own people then what do expect frm a man who u will get to live with for ur whole life ........I think women just needs to work upon herself to get financially strong then men also bow down infront of a strong woman as money is very imp for a man to understand a woman's value.......but ask a woman if she can manage everything so easily the anwer will be no but if she doesn't she becomes an easy target for a get ging this mad World ..

  • Sreedevi N.
    22/03/2020 12:28

    Right she is right women also humanbeing not a lifeless property for men

  • Sunit S.
    22/03/2020 05:06


  • Dibyendu S.
    21/03/2020 21:35

    No one has rights to slap or do any physical violence against should be gender neutral but not in our country.

  • Samael A.
    21/03/2020 15:17

    Ladki kuch bhi kare It's her choice Aur agar ladka koyi galti kare to maafi k bareme to bhul jaye

  • Satya P.
    21/03/2020 12:08

    nice for your character

  • Anup A.
    21/03/2020 05:20

    Dosto attention Do category alag hai Jo hme pehchanni he....yek category jaha ladkiya kabiletarif he aur dusri Jo San Bolte hai ki aurto ko dimag Nahi hota aur fact kya hai ye sabko pata hai....dusri baat parents jab Kabhi Galti Hoti hai to daat dete he marte pit te hae ho hota hai sudharne ke liye.. ladke social active aur unko bahar Ka Soch sab pata hota hai aur Ghar kaise chalana jyadatr malum hota hai ....tsri baat agar thappad se kaam aasan hota hai to accept it ...aur Nahi sudhare to thappad khate raho aur agar aap sudhare to thappad Khana restrict kijiye .... Par thappad Khana galat hai ye to Sahi Nahi kyoki thappad galat hai to parents BHI galat hai kyoki o BHI to thappad marte.hai agar o Sahi hai to mard galat kyu???

  • Nitu G.
    20/03/2020 18:00

    You it's true

  • Pragnya P.
    20/03/2020 10:08

    True .

  • Sasmita B.
    19/03/2020 18:37

    a husband doesn't have the right to slap his wife. one slap is enough for separation. a person who can slap you once, he can slap you again and again. today one slap. tomorrow another slap. this slap will continue for life time until you raise your voice.

  • Nehal A.
    19/03/2020 18:11

    I completely agree with u But it took me 17 yrs too realize it after watching ur film It really made me understand what's wrong n what's right in a relationship V women's r always judge that some how it's our mistake ... V should understand man n let go off things which is good for relationship .... But that's not right ... If v f not happy from inside how can v keep our family happy

  • Kamei M.
    19/03/2020 14:04

    Practice in your daily life. Instead of backslapping each other and praising your points and opinions is my say.

  • Samim H.
    18/03/2020 07:38

    Great taapsee

  • Jayanta D.
    18/03/2020 03:46

    Dasprate woman har bar thappad kha ti haa

  • Manisha P.
    17/03/2020 20:38

    Are we saying that challenges are faced by women only?Don't we need to rethink before directing such films on such a strong issue...if we are talking about equality ..why don't we also make films on the issues faced by men ?? Are all men in the world are same...are we not generalizing these things and being gender biased. .why laws are stronger and more powerful for women only. .y aren't they equal for both the genders? there is a biological difference which needs to be respected. Indeed. .but isng it unfair to talk about issues happening with women only. Don't men have respect and dignity? ..are we saying women are absolutely right.How about men. .are they always wrong?? Are we actually leading the thought process in a right direction only by showcasing issues related to women. Please think carefully before making such films. When it comes to rights. Respect ..we should deal with it without being gender biased and should pass on the right message in the society..and that also be showcased in a way where it can talk about real equality. .not about being powerful over another gender..u know why there is less percentage of cases of men harrasment...because laws are majorly in favour of women ...hence ..are we really understanding Equality ? # women empowerment

  • Tahira K.
    17/03/2020 12:41

    U r right dear

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