Tax Officer Burns Cash After ACB Comes Knocking

Fearing an anti-corruption raid at home, this Rajasthan tax officer took matters into his own... erm... kitchen. Watch...

26/03/2021 4:27 PM
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  • Sanjay G.
    5 days

    they are lot of corruption in Wadala also many come to collect HAFTA BRIBES weekly

  • Manav B.
    04/04/2021 15:07


  • Rachit M.
    02/04/2021 05:51

    Corrupt @###\<]>

  • Shubhanshu P.
    01/04/2021 14:50

    the 1.1k people laughing on this have the potential to be corrupt themselves..... They are thinking it is funny, where someone is asking favours to do his Duty.... It is Shameful

  • Hamdan R.
    01/04/2021 06:55

    Incredible indiaaaaaaa

  • Ankon G.
    31/03/2021 16:59

    bhai esob er jonyo CGL pete hobe to naki?

  • Rozi K.
    31/03/2021 14:14

    ill gotten and ill spent...

  • Gaurav A.
    31/03/2021 08:24

    He's not corrupt, he's just Innocent of Integrity !

  • Darshan V.
    31/03/2021 06:07

    Jain chor hai bc saaale

  • Nadeem K.
    31/03/2021 00:40


  • Amit T.
    30/03/2021 18:43

    Chai bana raaha hu. 🤷. Let the man have his tea.

  • Akshay K.
    30/03/2021 10:52

    Haram ki kamai hamesha haram me hi jati hai...

  • Barbie N.
    30/03/2021 05:24

    Could have given to the poor people instead of burning💀

  • Shweta B.
    30/03/2021 05:19

    😳 idiot 😡😡😡

  • Nandkumar D.
    30/03/2021 01:45

    This is drama of our Constitution.We have to shoot the person at the sight!

  • Haider A.
    29/03/2021 17:17

    Corruption n chaye ka pata nahi kaisa deep rishta h 😁

  • Prasanna G.
    29/03/2021 16:00

    @ Brut..where the hell were you when thousands of Hindus were burnt alive..raped in Kashmir... Where the hell were you when some pig urinated on siva ling... where the heck where your paid...un ethical journos was when corona warriors were pelted with stones...😡😡 Why is that u only become alive to spread hatreydness & when some innocent Hindu does something (not so wrong) u pretend to b a biased news channel...#k u...Brut..and to ur bloody propaganda n(V)ews channel..u should & will b charged with sedition ..

  • Jafar A.
    29/03/2021 12:45

    Burning money Pablo

  • Suraj S.
    29/03/2021 12:39

    Madarchod ko phasi dedo

  • Arda M.
    29/03/2021 12:23

    Pappu fass gaye😄

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