The Best Is Yet To Come: Modi

In case you missed them, here are the highlights from ISRO's historic moon mission, Chandrayaan-2.

09/10/2019 9:11 AM
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  • Muzzamil K.
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    They tried thier best to achieve their goal.. Well hattsoff ,Isro did very well.. At least we can encourage someone's efforts if we cant even think to invest that much amount on science and technology.

  • Alam S.
    6 days

    That day you will dai that day you will reyalise the om my God allaha

  • Mehraj A.
    6 days

    Drama dusra video kidar jis ma datraha

  • Ashi K.
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    Great people great work

  • Debadree K.
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    Thank you modi ji...for the support...👏👏💝

  • Ajeet D.
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    Two real life heroes of our Nation #Abhinandan #K Sivan

  • Vignesh G.
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    India is with you 🎉

  • Sameer K.
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    That comfort was for cameras 🎥 he actually got upset - brut India you guys need to update yourself 🤘🏻

  • Sandeep T.
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    Hello BRUT India Do nt act as PR of PM, He didn't console at the time when he was informed about miss happening by sivan at night. PM left venue, but at morning he came again to shoot at door for mellowing the drama for media and it's viewer. But it was a bad show to see crying science. You can chek my facts..

  • Shaikh A.
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    Brut India you missed it. It was only about PR.

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    Funny speech by Modi.😂🤣

  • Md W.
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    New Delhi: Even as India is heaping praise on the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) for the (partial) success of its Chandrayaan 2 mission, scientists at the space agency are reportedly protesting a reduction in salary. According to Sirf News,

  • Nasir S.
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    Chowkidar addresses the scientists its rare very rare....its happened only in India😂😂😂🤭

  • Sudhakar
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    Ya everyone over there understands what you speak 😂😂 Joker

  • Kapees S.
    6 days Indeed

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    Thank you fr ur support 🙏

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    इसरो पर हमे गर्व है, परंतु जो इस पर राजनैतिक रूप से रोटी सेक कर वोट बटोरना चाहता है धिक्कार है उस पर