The Curious Case Of Munawar Faruqui's Arrest

A BJP MLA’s son and his aides got comedian Munawar Faruqui and four others arrested in Indore. But according to audience members, the comedian had not even begun the set for which they accused him of hurting religious sentiments. 🤔

13/01/2021 1:27 PM
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  • Devrath N.
    25 minutes

    Before 2014 there was no intolerance in indian dictionary iska ek hi solution hain throw bjp out of india phir sab kucch theek ho jayega😌

  • Anshuman P.
    an hour

    Mai soch rha islaam pe aise hi video banau 😂😂

  • Deepak B.
    an hour

    Goons have taken over the country. Sadly, we are a narrow minded intolerant society now.

  • Aimon A.
    8 hours

    Religion is a sensitive topic!! And no one LITERALLY NO ONE has a right to make jokes about it!! Respect everyone!! ❤️

  • ChandraShekhar C.
    8 hours

    It is his will to make fun of religion he belongs to but not others and if he does, he should be paid fully what he deserves. It's time to unfollow , biased Hinduphobic.

  • Muhammad U.
    10 hours

    Nikal gaye sari hawa... no so free country after all 🤣

  • Parag K.
    10 hours

    He is still arogant and talking like he has done a great favour on us by saying sorry.

  • Dawood R.
    11 hours

    I don't know if he insulted Ram or not but if he did he sinned.. because he went against the verse of the Quran: "And do not insult those they invoke other than Allah , lest they insult Allah in enmity without knowledge. Thus We have made pleasing to every community their deeds. Then to their Lord is their return, and He will inform them about what they used to do. " (6:108)

  • Salim J.
    13 hours

    Last time he did comedy on two lines... Extremely hilarious

  • Fairoz M.
    16 hours

    BJP ka suwar

  • Madhu P.
    16 hours

    How smartly edited to justifying 😂

  • Raju K.
    18 hours

    If the situation were just opposite i.e. joke would have been thrown on Islam and paigambar he would have been beheaded.. Pls refer to recent examples if don't want to belive.

  • Dave H.
    19 hours

    Thats your own doing. You made fun of someone's God and religion just to get a few reactions and laughter. Im not saying I support those BJP guys but were asking for it. Wearing an underwear is good but you dont go around showing it to people unless you want to get beaten up..

  • Nazim U.
    20 hours

    Fascists roost the goose. Dharma of Adharmi?

  • Simran J.
    21 hours

    BJP should start doing yagyas for the existing people to go deaf and mute and the ones yet to be born be born mute.

  • Rehan S.
    21 hours

    Gaur must be booked for fake arrest

  • Sandeep L.
    21 hours

    tum sale kabhi nahi sudhar sakte ...

  • Anand G.
    a day

    Aur Pitega

  • Dheeraj B.
    a day

    Brut is an asshole organization!!!

  • Manojit S.
    a day

    He deserves it. Don't share and make this shit famous.

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