The Heartbreaking Tale Of "India’s Skinniest Elephant"

Called India’s skinniest elephant, Lakshmi finally got the love and care she deserved.

31/01/2022 4:34 PMupdated: 01/02/2022 1:10 AM
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  • Satyeshwari P.
    25/02/2022 08:49

    bharat me bejubano ke bura hal h bharast sistam sambedan hin. sakar aur laalchi samaj h😭😭😭😭

  • Yugantar S.
    24/02/2022 16:51

    Everyone gets what they deserve

  • Amit K.
    20/02/2022 06:46

    Government of India must stop elephant sell and buy.....They are not some dog or cat to keep in house. They should be kept in animal sanctuaries or in forest.

  • Biplab D.
    17/02/2022 15:02

    Some human is the most cruel creatures in earth, what did this elephant do wrong ? she has the right to live and also thanks to those people who helped her from hell

  • Chiranjit B.
    17/02/2022 08:45

    Love u... Dear

  • Rina M.
    10/02/2022 06:29

    Poor elephant so heartbreaking someone please help him get better

  • Swathanthra K.
    07/02/2022 23:40

    Get well soon

  • Rupa S.
    07/02/2022 18:43

    Feeling bad for Lakshmi

  • Aditya S.
    07/02/2022 18:43

    Shameful 🥺

  • Nanda K.
    07/02/2022 17:43


  • Nakul V.
    06/02/2022 17:57

    God bless you all

  • Anshika S.
    04/02/2022 18:31

    Whatever the story is every innocent living beings deserves happy ending. 😌😌

  • Harish S.
    04/02/2022 16:08

    😡😡😡😡😡 Her owners should be given the same treatment as they gave her.

  • Mayura S.
    03/02/2022 18:05

    25 years is not small elephant has suffered enough. Hard to spend such long time without love. May your life be happy, joyful and safe beauty 💖

  • Mandeep S.
    03/02/2022 17:19

    Then who is an animal then ?

  • Kangleipak S.
    03/02/2022 15:55

    Owner should be punished

  • Manee M.
    03/02/2022 15:18

    Humanity is over 😭

  • Kshitija D.
    03/02/2022 14:02

    Thank you so much god bless the team who took her out from hell

  • Vaishnav K.
    03/02/2022 14:01

    Hello guys . Need help with connecting someone to rescue of wildcat . Where can I complain as I am not aware of location . I am pretty sure location is in India but not sure where is the exact location. According to me knowledge you cannot pet tiger cub or tiger . I have seen some person who is keeping it with him in his house. If someone can help connect somewhere where I can share details of the person that would be great.

  • Niki B.
    03/02/2022 10:56

    Am very happy to hear that,, but for whose cruel people,,, they will pay for it,,, big thx for you,,,,, kp up da gud wk,, ❤️

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