The Indian doctor staying on in Ukraine

Dr. Girikumar Patil refused to escape from Ukraine because "his children" need him to stay. 🐆🐾

08/03/2022 11:27 AMupdated: 08/03/2022 2:33 PM
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  • Ivanna K.
    06/04/2022 11:24

    is he a breeder?

  • Ratnesh R.
    12/03/2022 19:30

    Its better he leave those pets atleast they can kill few russians 😆😆

  • Sharma U.
    12/03/2022 02:49

    Stupidity 100!!

  • の識別 シ.
    10/03/2022 22:55

    He such a rich guy there made millions by admissiom of students of india in ukrain, why should govt care about such people who can even afford private plane🤔🤔🤔 stupid channel making useless content for views 😂😂😂

  • Surabhi S.
    10/03/2022 10:26

    Do we expect GOI to evacuate wild animals from a war zone? Those are wild animals why even pet them let them roam the land.

  • Amélie T.
    10/03/2022 07:14

    Children enclosed in cages, wow 👏

  • Kuldip T.
    09/03/2022 18:58

    So, He's worried about the animals he pet, but not worried about the people of Ukraine with whom he lived there for past 15 yrs?

  • Poonam S.
    09/03/2022 18:07

    I understand your pain, as a animal lover, in India jaguar nd panther r considered wild nd as a rule u can't keep them in your home, they ll b bundled to some unknown jungles, its better if u release them in some nearby forest, they may adjust or survive there but not in harsh weather of INDIA, i pray for your nd your pets safety

  • Sha M.
    09/03/2022 17:53

    He Locked up his kid in a cage?? What a phycho!!. Release the jaguar in the forest please

  • Shoma V.
    09/03/2022 16:31

    Please stay ! That aeroplane seat can be used for someone who is pleading to be rescued as they value their loved ones back in India.

  • Sreenath P.
    09/03/2022 16:19

    Fantastic 😊, god bless you and be safe

  • Parvathi B.
    09/03/2022 11:19

    Fucking fool !!!who bloody keeps those wild animals in a cage ?😡

  • Sameer V.
    09/03/2022 08:56

    He has them in cages and says he doesn't treat them like animals. Ridiculous

  • Goutham K.
    09/03/2022 07:34

    No need to come back. Let him apply for a citizenship in what's left of Ukraine. Where was he when our economy needed boost?

  • Tai P.
    09/03/2022 06:48

    Die like a animals no one will care you.. You have Golden chance to leave still now ...

  • Grewal I.
    09/03/2022 06:17

    No disrespect doc if you were put in cage?? Let them out in the forest jungle for all the viewers will be OKEY yup just saying!

  • Krishna S.
    09/03/2022 05:57

    Meanwhile telugu directors bring them we want cast them in our movies

  • Binnu A.
    09/03/2022 03:23

    They are not meant to live with you...they are wild animals so just allow them to live in their habitat

  • Bone N.
    09/03/2022 02:20


  • S K.
    09/03/2022 00:46

    Stay their only... Finally you will leave India,,

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