The man they call "alien"

Anshu Kumar would be an ordinary 22-year-old from Punjab — except that he has an unusually large head, wide-set eyes, and no hair. Doctors have not been able to diagnose his condition. But that hasn't stopped people from giving him a cruel nickname: "alien".

01/04/2019 4:00 AMupdated: 06/06/2019 10:50 AM
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  • Varun P.
    01/04/2019 04:04


  • Violet R.
    01/04/2019 04:07

    be in a beautiful way of yourself no body in this world is perfect to criticise you. ..brave fellow he took it in a lighter ..mode. .that's the spirit 👌

  • Mayur D.
    01/04/2019 04:27


  • Rakesh D.
    01/04/2019 05:00

    All those persons who are suffering from some sort of disabilities or deficiencies or diseases are discriminated / harassed / isolated / teased / bullied in one or the other ways. Being a disabled person myself, I understand Anshu's pain. As if school was not enough for getting bullied, this painful ordeal continues still today. Only persons who discriminate has changed. Everyone...right from your family to government leaves no chance to harass us. of apathy and isolation are major factors. I remember, at the age of 5 years old, I got severe infection in my ear leading to pus formation accompanied by putrid smell. As a result, I was losing my capability to listen. As this was not enough to suffer, bullies in schools started bullying me and one even went to the extent of spitting on my face. That day, I ran back to home and cried. I wonder, what sort of people live in this world and among us. The same people who lecture us to be strong also bullied us to the extent of self-pity.

  • Osborne P.
    01/04/2019 05:45

    Maybe Bollywood or Hollywood can give him work on movies look great

  • Lavinder S.
    01/04/2019 05:48

    This is sad.

  • Rijul K.
    01/04/2019 06:05


  • Michael C.
    01/04/2019 06:28

    Heavily ignorant about common sense and illiterate in nature these gundians abuse almost everyone. Ignore such twats. More power to the man.

  • Babu A.
    01/04/2019 07:15

    Hmmm for DAT diaognised man also dey r giving a nick name ,

  • Sasha K.
    01/04/2019 08:23

    Dear Anshu kumar, First of all you plz stop sayin this to yourself ‘me teek hona chahta hu’.’ Just because you are differently built dsnt mean you are not so called ‘normal’. Do this to yourself n rest everything shall follow. keep this childlike spirit cz you shine! 🌟✨ God Bless.

  • Jai K.
    01/04/2019 09:04

    You're God's beautiful creation & there's definitely a calling behind his making you so & so.. Extend your mindset to a more broad standard,.. All that matters is how you react to your own emotions, your failures & how you deal with challenges..

  • Shivangi P.
    01/04/2019 09:06

    God bless you..

  • Hari K.
    01/04/2019 15:17

    Poor chap

  • Ankur S.
    01/04/2019 16:41

    I feel for all the disabled people...they are not treated equally...which is sad should be the opposite actually

  • Mirza S.
    01/04/2019 16:43

    For some people getting married is the ultimate dream but for some others walking out of a marriage is just normal.

  • Amrita J.
    01/04/2019 18:08

    Say no to bullying..people already have enough problems to deal with.

  • Sangha M.
    01/04/2019 21:26

    Love you bro !! Dont mind their words. They are immatured kids.

  • Priya T.
    01/05/2019 14:29

    God bless u ... You are beautiful in every way 🙂

  • Oudoumal S.
    01/05/2019 15:21

    every body has to respect him: he is simply a human being

  • Varun V.
    01/05/2019 16:55

    Ek wo hai, ek ye hai...