The Teachers Who Died After UP Panchayat Poll

The families of two teachers who died of Covid-19 in Uttar Pradesh shared their agony with Brut. Were these deaths avoidable?

11/05/2021 10:45 AMupdated: 11/05/2021 1:11 PM
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  • Amit B.
    18/05/2021 01:37

    So sad..😭😭

  • Sanil S.
    14/05/2021 23:26

    - who in your opinion in responsible for these deaths - the teachers who went on election duty or the party which took the decision to conduct elections during Covid? FYI

  • Kakoli D.
    14/05/2021 09:25

    no value of life of us.. we common people IN INDIA .....RELIGION ND POLITICS MORE IMPORTANT THAN LIVES

  • Aditya G.
    14/05/2021 01:51

    Absolutely...! The govt to should file the case against high court that compelled the govt to conduct polls even when govt said they wanted to postpone. No-one but the court is responsible for these deaths.

  • Priyanshi N.
    13/05/2021 18:38

    Thank you for addressing teachers, their work place and rules are miserable before and after covid

  • Kamlesh K.
    13/05/2021 01:39

    Brut India is it possible show sometime few positive news every time you showing criticizing news only humble request please show good news also 🙏

  • Rajeev M.
    12/05/2021 15:29

    Election has become important for the election commission, central government and the Supreme Court due to its lax attitude towards the central government.

  • Renu S.
    12/05/2021 14:40

    Sad reality 😔

  • Bhowmik S.
    12/05/2021 14:14


  • Nilu T.
    12/05/2021 07:06

    UP government and election administration is responsible for their death or I will say their murder by the political leaders who don't care about the welfare of their own people. People should not forget this , should teach these power hungry political leaders by not voting these murderers in future.

  • Ghazala M.
    12/05/2021 06:57

    Why has this govt suddenly woken up to show concern for teachers? They better remain in deep slumber as the people of this State have gotten used to battling their woes on their own, so sure that no matter how loud they cry, their cries will fall on deaf ears!

  • Shoba G.
    12/05/2021 06:23

    Government is bothered about party and power, not welfare if people. So many schemes announced by Modiji, but local states are failing to implement that effectively. Swatch BHARATH wonderful scheme. My colony, septink water from flats polluting ground water and waterbodies

  • Kalpana S.
    12/05/2021 05:40

    Salute to all the teachers. You have done your duty. Now let government do their duty to your family.

  • Paul V.
    12/05/2021 05:19

    When a society has began to clap when it's caretakers, institutions, nurturing ones are being trolled or killed what can be done with it ?

  • Sankar A.
    12/05/2021 04:18

    Babla Sarkar health workers those counting agents, ang all those who were connected with the election process were supoosed to be inoculated, i don't have the foggiest idea whether they were vaccinated or not , if yes then it's so evident , palpable that its a well plan ploy to incriminate up govt. Because not only in up , it had been almost 2 months these elections were going on in 6 different situated 6 different parts of india and simulteneously then why they are only targeting specifically up , they could've opted kerala where situation was spiralling out of control, getting out of hand, going haywire, as far as I'm corcerned the highest number of cases of covid had been emerging out from kerala right after maharastra and delhi (maharastra is sucessfully icing on the cake huh by bagging the 1st position ) even though kerala has the highest literacy rate record as well as it's supports cannibalism,

  • Deepak S.
    12/05/2021 03:51


  • Reeny J.
    12/05/2021 03:25

    Uneducated and unscientific leaders can only bring doom to its citizens. We have reached a stage where people have lost fath in the leaders , their governence, their press conference if at all it is given and even the data they publish...people don't even want to look at them anymore. We have ourselves to fend for.....a disappointed and disgusted democracy we have become.

  • Ila M.
    11/05/2021 23:51

    So sad to see the sufferings of families who have lost their loved ones. I am praying for the people of India.

  • Sumaiyya K.
    11/05/2021 23:47

    this is clear GENOCIDE

  • Shaan S.
    11/05/2021 19:28

    Government can not run from respinsibity

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