• Nina K.
    26/11/2020 12:49

    Congratulations and God bless him always

  • Mandar S.
    26/11/2020 08:54


  • Sujay M.
    25/11/2020 14:25

    , main bhi banunga iske jaisa

  • Deepak T.
    25/11/2020 05:08

    bro see real life chintu

  • Falguni B.
    22/11/2020 16:20

    Next Naraynmurthi.....

  • Effat R.
    22/11/2020 09:41

    ki korlan.. 🙄

  • Pratik R.
    21/11/2020 13:07

    Well i dnt remember what i was doing, but if it was, it had to be like the attached gif! Everybody is different, skills and knowledge are developed over a period of time. Its definitely an accomplishment and looks like we indians are future ready! Atmanirbhar Bharat!👏

  • Rajib M.
    21/11/2020 11:26

    At age six I was playing with my friends,reading comics and enjoying the innocent phase which would never come back.

  • Philomena P.
    20/11/2020 19:09


  • Anwaar A.
    20/11/2020 18:02

    it's a good thing

  • Sreejith R.
    20/11/2020 13:34

    I enjoyed my school life , home work cartoon Network, School punishments, school function...

  • Sonali M.
    19/11/2020 04:47

    At 6, I rather hv a child eat mud, climb trees and break a leg... Both figuratively n literally

  • Joel D.
    18/11/2020 21:40

    And here people are still figuring out how to install python.

  • Shivansh B.
    18/11/2020 17:06

    He is chintu from white hat jr. 😂😂

  • Rohit N.
    18/11/2020 17:01

    Lodu rohit

  • Brut India
    18/11/2020 12:36

    This 15-year-old caused some real change with her reporting skills!

  • Ponnu T.
    18/11/2020 10:40

    God bless u

  • Masih R.
    18/11/2020 08:00

    Though ill express my congratulations and best wishes for his life . But also like to mention it’s simply the stealing the irreversible period of enjoyment & excitement of childhood . It certainly affects the long term growth pattern whatsoever the mental ability of child is presently . One can easily witness using of eye lenses at such a younger age ???? Last not least I wish him good health , long life and prosperity. All the best .

  • Farook S.
    18/11/2020 06:55

    Proud moment ❤️🙏

  • Karen N.
    17/11/2020 23:38

    At age 6, I was traumatised by the loss of my mother, had no thought about much else, funny how life is.....

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