This Is What It Takes To Find A Seat In A Mumbai Local

This TikTok video captured the essence of Mumbai’s infamous rush hour… INSIDE a Mumbai local. 😱

07/30/2019 4:55 AM
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  • Swapnil G.
    07/30/2019 04:59

    Stop Slow mo the videos Brute.Its kinda creepy.

  • Gaurav P.
    07/30/2019 05:01

    Good work

  • Karan A.
    07/30/2019 05:02

    You haven't actually lived your life if you did not experience travelling in Mumbai locals😜

  • Sutirtha S.
    07/30/2019 05:04

    Well..! We felt some part of same situation here in sealdah division of west bengal.. And now we are used to it..! 😌

  • Abhishek B.
    07/30/2019 05:05

    Who's need bullet trains... We need seats in trains... Emergency me jana pade to seat nhi milti... Aur Sala train ki timing nhi Shudhar paaye 70saalo se koi govt... Guys agar sochte ho ki govt apne app karegi to galat ho tm.... Pressure banana sikhna padega.... Youth hai yes we can do... But selfish hona chodna padega

  • Rahul J.
    07/30/2019 05:06

    No vacant seats No mercy

  • Mir M.
    07/30/2019 06:01

    Dont worry guys coz bullet train is coming to solve your problems

  • Vidya G.
    07/30/2019 06:28

    Despite all this, Mumbaikars are the loveliest people. They are usually extremely matured, kind and cool people. I feel, also more law abiding than rest of Indians.

  • Aashray K.
    07/30/2019 06:29

    client meetings at dineout

  • Shajahan K.
    07/30/2019 06:41

    Mandir Wahi Banega 🤪

  • Balaji S.
    07/30/2019 06:44

    Always avoided the Western line for these obvious reasons🙏 Once along with friends got royally pasted trying to get down at Borivli while people were boarding before it stopped😂😂

  • Celine M.
    07/30/2019 07:12


  • Sabyasachi D.
    07/30/2019 07:17

    It's like playing basketball or Rugby game.

  • Nilötpal D.
    07/30/2019 07:24

    Bandra Ekta r Ekta Andheri return

  • Harsha P.
    07/30/2019 07:29

    Mumbaikar's... Born fighters

  • Lireni E.
    07/30/2019 07:38

    This is how we board the college bus Coz some shitty people would book all the bus seats for their bus who haven't turned up

  • Vikram P.
    07/30/2019 07:43

    this what I am dealing here...😂🤣

  • Shreejith S.
    07/30/2019 08:05

    It's an old video and is shot by a pro camera crew. Ain't tik tok

  • Abhiroop S.
    07/30/2019 08:09

    Achyut Chakraborty

  • Himanshu G.
    07/30/2019 08:09

    Great just see one more time 😂😂😂😂