• Leethiya M.
    07/12/2020 15:37

    So SAD!, us humans.

  • Rahul M.
    06/12/2020 15:03

    Our future

  • Sanu R.
    05/12/2020 05:05

    ye sb news to dikhate nhi sirf owesi nadda 🤣

  • Justin A.
    05/12/2020 01:11

    Scientist Raju s experiments I guess

  • Priyanka D.
    04/12/2020 17:41

    There should be some strict to industries

  • Nandakishore R.
    04/12/2020 16:40

    SwatchaBharath India has to strat awarenesses programs and has to follow strict recycling rules. Otherwise India will never change. Same problems will be repeated. Municipal Corporations has to take certain measures to control from slum to millionaire.

  • Bilal A.
    04/12/2020 13:50

    Modi ji speaking - - - - Ye koi doreamon ka gadget he jo pani pe badal bana raha he

  • Chaini C.
    04/12/2020 10:42


  • Telat R.
    03/12/2020 18:57

    What was it's effect on the marine life and the ecosystem

  • Divya B.
    03/12/2020 16:42

    Karma is back

  • Iyarkai I.
    03/12/2020 14:12

    Oh India.... Pls keep your country clean and nourish

  • Ambareen S.
    03/12/2020 11:44

    Result of Over industrialisation!

  • Khushboo K.
    03/12/2020 06:23

    see this

  • Satish S.
    03/12/2020 05:58

    लय भारी श्रुती मॅडम

  • Shiva G.
    03/12/2020 04:15


  • Bala S.
    03/12/2020 03:44

    Muthukumar Thevar Prasanth Natrajan Raja Govindasamy

  • Bryce T.
    03/12/2020 03:16


  • Jilson T.
    03/12/2020 02:53

    This is what happens when greed comes ahead of other factors and also lack of cleanliness...rhis cleanliness issue can be seen in many parts of india and specially in TN

  • Aayush R.
    03/12/2020 01:29

    what is this bro?

  • Sumit K.
    02/12/2020 23:02

    We are so busy in earning money that we just ignor it what's going on around. And we know nothing is going to improve our in our country as bad people are rulling it. One has to understand people who are enemy within us are more dangerous than enemy outside the country. Bit by bit these people are killing us.slowly but soon 1/3 of our population is not going to get pure water.Our everyday begins with water .But these small things we doesn't care. Ye corona tou bas ekk trailer hai abhi tou isse bhi bhayanak bimari aane koh hai.Aur yee jab aayegi jo ki aaana hi hai kisi koh nhi bakchegi .Either be it a rich politician or rich business or the middle class people no one will be spared .

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