Trash Found In Stray Cow's Stomach

Ingestion of plastic has become a common killer of stray cows. In Faridabad, a group of vets made a shocking discovery inside a pregnant cow's belly. 😲

13/03/2021 4:27 PM
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  • Ajmal S.
    13/05/2021 17:02

    This is so so heart wrenching...this is not the world need

  • Tshering S.
    03/05/2021 12:32

    जब तक दुध निकालथा तब तक पाला ओर जब दुध बन होगया खाना पिना बन्द हो गया, ईस तरा ये गाई को बेवसिस छोड दिया है,ये ईनसान नमक हराम नहि तो कया है, जो ईस बेहुजुबान गाई को ये खाना नसिब हुवा है, ओर सुकर है भगवान को जो आप लोग जैसा ईन बेजुबान गाईको ख्याल रख रहे है धन्यवाद आप सब लोगोको भगवान आप सब को ख्याल रखे

  • Sanyiam B.
    25/04/2021 22:28

    We the people of India are irresponsible and never want to be accountable for such horrors. 😔 And this can change, everything can be better, if we are willing to. ✊

  • Sanyiam B.
    25/04/2021 22:25

    The main problem is the dairy itself. In Pitampura region, New Delhi there are several illegal dairies who let their cows roam around the whole day and night. It was difficult for people around see them hungry so mostly people around have made several spots to feed them. But their owners are just shameless. One day even a cow delivered in the public dustbin itself. On summer days they keep roaming without water, someday they get hit by car and just keep sitting on roads. It has become so habitual that people have stopped calling for help. Even we all have lodged complaints so many times with MCD, but useless. Now, we all just provide them with food. Though as a country we consider dairy animals as God but their condition and treatment is pathetic. Government thinks just banning slaughter is enough, these innocent have lives worse than hell. They're physically and mentally tortured everyday. Moreover there is no monitoring of the quality of milk produced, these animals are fed with so many injections to get more milk which is snatched from a baby. This inhumane and ruthless. It is still unbelievable that many people are not aware that cow or dairy animals produces milk after giving birth just like humans. We snatch that milk and instead of being grateful, we giving them insane treatment. You all must be aware of how pregnant women are taken care of, but these animals. 😭

  • Mike A.
    10/04/2021 13:56

    God die

  • Sharika C.
    05/04/2021 06:18

    Mere liye yeh purani baat hain...kiu ki maine bohut pehle yeh dekhithi.... plastic bags unke pet main layer jese ho jati Hain....aur Khana digest hone Nahi deti....log agar thik Nahi honge toh asa hi chalta rehega

  • Suvadip C.
    04/04/2021 16:28

    Stop using plastic now.

  • Adil K.
    04/04/2021 08:09

    Miracle! Gau mata can also produce ropes from her poop.

  • Ekta S.
    30/03/2021 18:00

    I was born n brought up in Bangalore City n the condition now to back when it was one of the most clean n green city truly upsets me as well educated as they call themselves the IT sector people throw garbage on the road even when pick up van comes ryt outside of ur door lazy ass fuckers when stopped don't give a fuck instead argue n such bastards want to shift aboard....... Animals share our world too it's not urs alone humans..... Y blame the govt when citizen's r the one to b balmed for the careless habits......

  • Sanjay K.
    29/03/2021 12:12

    Govt ko plastic ko purn rup se pratibandh kr dena chahiye# plastic should be banned

  • Armaan Q.
    27/03/2021 07:09

    Yogi mc kay kar ra hai

  • John R.
    24/03/2021 18:20

    I hope gandu singh from Hyderabad is watching these video..!! He talks so much on cows just for polarise things..!!

  • Tarun C.
    20/03/2021 05:58

    fucking humans we are the only species who generates the maximum unsustainable wastes and expects to live in a garbage free world

  • Kumud B.
    20/03/2021 04:13

    Plastic free India

  • Shabnam P.
    19/03/2021 16:24

    Chiii baba insan khuli cheez me bhi khane ka rakh sakta hai

  • Nasir A.
    19/03/2021 12:56

    Jab Janwar ki halat Aisi Ho to insaano Ki Halat Kya Hogi bhai bhagar khane pani ke

  • Niwedan M.
    18/03/2021 08:08

    The best way to deal with it, is to dispose the garbage in a proper way

  • Constantinopole P.
    17/03/2021 18:37

    Jitna v Dekha lo ye Hindu Lok Apne gaumata ko bahar hi rakegi sarko pe..sirf pe maa hai Karam se nahi

  • Danish A.
    17/03/2021 15:20

    Sons have abandoned their mothers

  • Dolly D.
    17/03/2021 12:45


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