Trump: Got Indian Tariff Cut By Half In Just Two Minutes

Mr Trump is at it again. This time he said it took him just two minutes to get India to cut tariffs on American motorcycles by half. 🏍📉👍

26/01/2019 1:35 PM
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  • Muhammed N.
    18/02/2019 13:20

    He was banned from talking about India after this.. Lmao

  • Themba S.
    18/02/2019 12:17

    Regarding wisky I don’t want 150% for both country but 000% on both sides so we get it cheaper.

  • তাতিয়া ব.
    16/02/2019 18:12

    This is India... The Incredible India😎

  • Ravinder M.
    15/02/2019 03:03


  • Jagarnath G.
    14/02/2019 17:39

    Yash Aryan Singh

  • Chetan C.
    14/02/2019 06:28

    If he wont allow these tarrifs and cut india's revenue.. Then India will have everything of its own..we will start producing bikes cars everything rather than importing it.

  • Rahul K.
    12/02/2019 07:32

    Fuck trump

  • Rohit S.
    11/02/2019 07:51

    Rahul Saini

  • Sai S.
    10/02/2019 17:38


  • Mohammed N.
    10/02/2019 16:57

    Superbike lovers r happy ❤️😍

  • Kavi S.
    10/02/2019 03:30

    Dude....we need tht on cars toooooo.......bruv

  • Sidhant D.
    10/02/2019 02:12

    Hahah keep that old crappy oil leaking Harley Davidson in America. Fix the damn breaks and suspension.

  • Saravana C.
    08/02/2019 20:37

    He is a bike lover too.

  • Hari R.
    07/02/2019 21:19


  • Nibaran R.
    07/02/2019 17:52

    I love India

  • Hari S.
    07/02/2019 13:37

    Brut India means brutal India!

  • Sagar S.
    07/02/2019 00:51

    ‘Incredible people all friends of mine’ lol

  • Gilli N.
    06/02/2019 15:25

    Whether it's motorcycle or hardwares which are not generally available in India nor produced in India like premium musical instruments teriif are so high that we normal people had to spend half of life's saving. High tariff is bad for business as well as for common people.. ultimately the necessary items becomes super expensive

  • Aditya H.
    06/02/2019 14:48

    let me know when india cuts it on triumph and bms~!!

  • Ravvi U.
    06/02/2019 05:35

    If we will reduce the tariff charges of 150% then our small and marginal makers in India will come on road.

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