Trump: Got Indian Tariff Cut By Half In Just Two Minutes

Mr Trump is at it again. This time he said it took him just two minutes to get India to cut tariffs on American motorcycles by half. 🏍📉👍

01/26/2019 1:35 PM
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  • Abdul K.
    01/26/2019 13:37

    he is bullshit ...🤧

  • Mohammed S.
    01/26/2019 13:40

    Respect America but not trump

  • Rashid H.
    01/26/2019 13:44

    Modi is Trump's favorite tool now to get votes in US.

  • Mohmad A.
    01/26/2019 13:44

    have u ever see urslf in a mirror ## horrible pizzlet

  • Ajay P.
    01/26/2019 13:45

    Trump ji, we sanghs are with you all along.. whatever you do is with God's grace...

  • Naushi M.
    01/26/2019 13:47


  • Pavan K.
    01/26/2019 13:48

    So is he trying to wage a trade war on every country now?

  • Sanglap N.
    01/26/2019 13:54

    Well my Harley will cost much less now atleast ❤️

  • Sithanthi A.
    01/26/2019 13:59

    Modi is letting Trump bully him and shaming the nation. Modi Bhakts on the other hand are worshipping Trump and recently Queen Victoria.What is happening? Trump twisted Modi's arm in the Iranian import of oil. What Shame!

  • Mohd A.
    01/26/2019 14:00

    In 2 minute he make fool to modi .this is all about education 😂

  • Gautam A.
    01/26/2019 14:00

    He is good...will be reelected

  • Saurabh P.
    01/26/2019 14:02

    This assclown got elected by chanting that "Mexico is gonna pay for the wall" at every single one of his campaign rallies and then shut the government down when the US congress refused to provide funds for his stupid project, leaving thousands of government workers without paychecks. It was recently found that he has made 30 false claims on an average per day and he is constantly making American allies stray away for being a dumb loudmouth so this is nothing in comparison.

  • Rakesh C.
    01/26/2019 14:11

    Srikar Tigulla

  • Pankaj
    01/26/2019 14:12

    Trump talking to Modi zee in his own language 😂i it took him jus two minutes #Maggi

  • Inder S.
    01/26/2019 14:13

    So full of himself this loudmouth is

  • Jaick A.
    01/26/2019 14:16

    samajh na Aaye to batana hum samjha denge

  • Qasim S.
    01/26/2019 14:17

    It seems like,Trump was hibernated.

  • Amar S.
    01/26/2019 14:18

    Harley Davidson, the junk in the motorcycle.

  • Ketan F.
    01/26/2019 14:23

    those who call themselves "intellectual"...u chose this pig as ur president....bullshit....

  • Altaf T.
    01/26/2019 14:24