Vajpayee's Stirring Poem About India's Resilience

"Independent India will not bow its head." Watch Atal Bihari Vajpayee on his 97th birth anniversary today...

25/12/2021 5:27 AMupdated: 27/12/2021 4:48 PM
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  • Shivalingam A.
    3 days

    What a great poem, India is great nation, built by many stalwarts like Vajpayee. India will never bow down.

  • Nasar A.
    7 days

    The pathway to peace Should be down to a democratic vote within Kashmir,by the population of Kashmir ,and nobody else.They should be able to determine what is right for there land and people,same as what we wanted from the British.

  • Narendra P.
    21/01/2022 14:41

    Jai Hind .

  • Abhinav Y.
    20/01/2022 12:03

    But don't know why modi not follow him he was good leader.

  • Nilanjan D.
    14/01/2022 23:14

    , ,

  • Prasad P.
    10/01/2022 08:27


  • Saumik D.
    09/01/2022 05:46

    Such an inspirational poem

  • Tariq M.
    05/01/2022 18:20

    To hum nay kaya na 🇵🇰🎉🎉🎉

  • Ravula S.
    04/01/2022 07:43

    Man literally said even if the world is against, India is not gonna backoff n bow down ... goosebumps 🔥

  • Khalid H.
    01/01/2022 15:23

    Hindu India is free for first time in its history thanks to Mahatma Hitler who lost WW2 but weakened the British who left all their colonies after WW2 and went back.

  • Asha G.
    31/12/2021 12:56


  • Errol D.
    31/12/2021 10:58

    Very true statement

  • Sudipto B.
    31/12/2021 10:36


  • Auf J.
    30/12/2021 20:37

    Mr dolan dump

  • Rohan B.
    30/12/2021 19:53

    "Jab tak suraj chand rahega Bharatvarsh ka naam rahega" 🙏 Jai Bharat! Jai Hind! Blessed to be born in the time of your tenure as pm.❤

  • Rahul S.
    30/12/2021 17:24

    कभी अचानक फूट पङे विप्लव लेकर तो क्या विस्मय, हिंदू तन मन हिंदू जीवन रग-रग हिंदू मेरा परिचय ❤

  • Shahid M.
    30/12/2021 06:19

    Jammu and Kashmir is not the part of india inshallah we will succeed in our mission

  • Lingam T.
    30/12/2021 06:03

    The greatest statesman of the nation ever, the one n only leader.

  • Ravi S.
    30/12/2021 00:28

    Lol, he was the biggest feku 😄

  • Siri R.
    29/12/2021 21:18

    When people from one community start laughing about this great personality... One minute silence to all of them!

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