What A Modern-Day Barter System Looks Like

Ginger for fish, wheat for school fees, tea for debt... what else can bartering get you today?

30/01/2022 4:27 PMupdated: 01/02/2022 1:06 AM
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  • Kayem S.
    01/02/2022 16:18

    হ্যাঁ তো নিয়ে নাও

  • Mudit K.
    01/02/2022 12:36

    Nice initiative 🔔

  • Kesang O.
    31/01/2022 10:16

    We were better with batter

  • Amen L.
    31/01/2022 02:52

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  • Mahmood U.
    31/01/2022 02:39

    Atleast in barter system, something of value is exchanged between concerned parties unlike today's paper money who has no value in reality but it is imposed upon humans all around the world to keep rich people rich and decrease the value of money whenever they want....

  • Joydeep D.
    30/01/2022 21:05

    Made us remember our roots.

  • Amos M.
    30/01/2022 19:23

    Nice to barter and live better.Why in between Hindi movies?.Life is not a joke.

  • G A.
    30/01/2022 19:04

    And then came government and said lets interfere in their trade, and then started printing money..

  • Tanvi H.
    30/01/2022 18:51

    This is one of the best systems...that is forgotten in today's world

  • Brut India
    30/01/2022 18:34

    But can the barter system survive the non-pandemic era?

  • Shuvendu G.
    30/01/2022 17:49

    can be more effective than introducing crypto currency..

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