What Happens After Overcoming A Covid-19 Infection?

For some Covid-19 patients, the battle doesn't end with the infection. They are left with long-lasting symptoms of the disease. Two such survivors shared their experience with Brut.

02/10/2020 2:57 PMupdated: 05/10/2020 7:36 AM
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  • Sandeep V.
    3 days

    Happy they are recovered and bad for those who lost their lives...Why cant Brut India cover those who have less privilege to hospitals and timely treatment...that would indicate how each one should start thinking of one another and be careful....

  • Fauza M.
    4 days

    one should not be wearing mask while excercising.

  • Frankie S.
    6 days

    Me and and a thousand more like me who managed to survive are back on duty..scarred and scared but someones gotta do it

  • Soumik G.
    14/10/2020 15:24

    Covid19 has done just one great blessings to human has made humans cannot just stay a single moment with yourself(the only true friend .. that you have made an enemy) and what a great slave humans have become to their respective minds....time to look at what went wrong....

  • Shyamasree B.
    14/10/2020 14:57

    Really it happens to almost all covid warriors

  • PriyaNka H.
    14/10/2020 11:20

    I'm extremely sorry but am I the only one who finds the fisrt person in this video to look similar to Drake . I'm sorry if I'm wrong and love to all those covid warriors 🙏

  • Manika H.
    13/10/2020 11:41

    watch it till end

  • Erum G.
    13/10/2020 03:06

    After covid my mom had Brain MRI Blood tests 5 to 6 Two neuro related eye tests Regular eye tests Still Echo , ECG , lipid profile are lined up So please please please take this deadly virus seriously its here to haunt you for a very long time

  • Chin K.
    12/10/2020 08:42

    It's a well established fact by now that covid 19 leaves you with a long lasting damage to your body for some if not for all. By the way. It doesn't attack everyone the same. So People here saying nothing like that happened to me, count your lucky stars, you were spared of the horror.

  • Vibhor S.
    12/10/2020 00:31

    Take Vitamin D Be in sunlight 20-30min everyday for few days You will be better than before

  • Elden D.
    11/10/2020 19:08

    This video is shit. I watched this and I am depressed . I was thinking positive and thinking this will pass but thanks for this update you wankers . Die

  • Sayee K.
    11/10/2020 18:37

    I agree that the side effects last longer than one thinks. But on day 2 of my hospitalization i took Covid 19 out of my mind, and thats where the magical recovery began. So everyone out there a big shout out. Our body is so resilient to adapt and adjust, you just need to be strong in your head, the rest follows. I still have fatigue weakness, but fighters don't complain about being tired they fight and you should do too

  • Shiraaji S.
    11/10/2020 13:27

    .. 🙁

  • Mahesh P.
    11/10/2020 13:02

    Lavda. I was infected by COVID it's not what these guys say it is. I feel energetic and strong as I was before

  • Megha J.
    11/10/2020 12:06

    🙏...salute to the warriors

  • Narcise F.
    11/10/2020 07:42

    Be brave you will get back on your feet again.

  • Charubachi R.
    11/10/2020 06:18

    I can completely relate to this. Me and my dad both are facing these challenges. Papa got his symptoms on 1st week of September then my symptoms got started. I still have body weekness and massive leg pain after every 15 minutes of standing it walking.

  • Elisheva R.
    10/10/2020 13:26

    I also got Covid 3 months ago when i also tested positive first for Shingles (2nd time). First time i got shingles was in 2018 also after 2 months i was scratch by a cat which gave me a terrible disease called Bartonella(cat-scratch disease). From that time my health have had decline. No matter how healthy i ate, do not smoke and do not drink it still declined. If you google Bartonella you will see what damage this bug can do to your body. So coming Covid, i weared my mask, kept my distance, washed my hands, kept my place clean but still got Covid because i dont have strong immune system. But i was lucky my covid was still in early stage, i didnt even have fever but i was in an immense pain with shingles, terrible migraines, AND a shortness of breath. So i went to lab because i suspected i could have Covid also, so i first tested for the shingles which was confirmed, then i also tested for covid and unfortunately it was also positive. But i think because i went for shingles test first covid was yet in its early stage, lucky with the unlucky. Then i was just given antiviral on telephonical prescription from doctor and pharmacy delivered it to my door with necessary precausionary steps. I also asked pharmacy to deliver oxygen drops(cellfood) to my door with medicine so i can put drops into water to help with breathing and it did. So i was told by Health dept to self-isolate for 14 days. So during my self-isolation my shingles and covid symptoms started to vanish bit by bit. But just a few days after drinking anti-viral my feet and legs started to swell up profusely, noted it on a message to my daughter(not living with me but with her boyfriend), she said mom that is not good its probably your meds doing it BUT i said to her ok i understand your concern but there is only 2 days left of anti-viral then its luckily finished so i finished it. So after few days the swelling of feet and legs went down and my feet and legs normal again. So after self-isolation of 14 days i was well again and i was released of self-isolation. So about month or more maybe(cant keep records of exact dates) go by and suddenly my feet and legs starts to swell up profusely again but furthermore i felt ok but just the normal ailments and immune disorders but immense tiredness but i contribute it to the immune disorders as usual. So iwalked almost for more than a week with my swollen feet and legs until my daughter said again mom you need to go to doctor because it may mean my kidneys or liver under stress maybe because of meds i still take for my other ailments. So i googled it and it say yes it can be caused by 3 conditions, either kidneys, or liver or heart is failing. So i went to emergency doctor at emergency hospital and brought my medical history with me so it can make a better asessment. So doctor listened to me when en where my health started to decline until the recent medical history. So 1st they checked kidneys and liver with blood test. After while it came back it ok. So last thing ti check was then the heart. Before that they asked can i afford ct scan i said yes. So off i went and after giving a contrast was sent back to waiting room. After a while back came the results of CTscan, my heart enlarged a bit so i asked doctor what the cause. So he said well since you have bartonella and all your other immune disorders, ailments and illnesses it can weaken the heart. So he just prescribed edema meds that will bring down the swelling. So i ask doctor can i have the copy of the report, so he said next day you can come back to radiology dept and get the report from them at the hospital. So yeah i thought ok no big deal and went home although i am in immense pain. So next day went back and got report and was i shocked about what i have just read. Right heart chamber larger and possible heart failure!!! So i just went home shocked that i have now a serious heart problem! And swelling persisted for a week although a bit less worse. So i called house doctor and told her the whole story. So she said just keep drinking edema meds for swelling and meanwhile she also send me for another few bloodtests and cholestrol good, nothing wrong. But this have nothing to do with cholestrol because i eat healthy, never red meat, hardly any meat! But anyway so she made an appointment for me at cardiologist, so i have appointment for 19th this month. Luckily my legs are feet back to normal but i feel immense tired all the time and it not due to taking too less thyroid meds because we tested for that. So yeah i guess Covid in 2020 was the last lash on my heart from the time the Bartonella start lashing on my heart in 2018. Unfortunate but thats life i have to live with this heart problem now until i may die sooner. Everbody dies in life whether sooner by car-accident etc whatever way or later in old age. Thats life. Just make the best of it while you are lucky to be still alive. Live in peace nOt hate. Bickering about tjupid politics or religions or any topics or whatever on facebook, is senseless waste of time. Even people whe dont like we must not wish them bad or death. Death is just a matter of time. And while we alive live in peace and love. Well long story but this was just actually a quick summary. Lol even if you think its long. Doesnt matter, this shows we care about each other.xx

  • Arpita U.
    09/10/2020 18:22

    Hello out there. I read a lot of experiences that was written by all of you. My husband , father in law and myself have been through this phase. But we all faught absolutely strong. There is no doubt that there wasn't any negative impacts but we all believed that we can fight this and we would recover. From the day we got to know that we were positive we started these things. Green gram water. Coconut water Kadha Fresh Orange juice Fresh lime juice We haven't missed this a single day and it's been 2 months now. We have regained our energy levels and we are living our normal lives back. Jst to clarify my father in law was hospitalized because of his age and severe symptoms. My husband had fever continuous only during nights . And I was drained down to 0 energy. But inspite of this as the woman of the house I continued doing all this and we have all got our energy back. Dos : inspite of feeling tired continue your routine. Ensure to add this to your daily routine. Think and do positive things. You will be fighters.

  • Jessie T.
    09/10/2020 12:48

    Send this message to Trump.

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