What’s the “missing white woman syndrome”?

"They're calling her America's daughter." Why do some disappearances get more media coverage? A sociologist explains the "missing white woman syndrome."

01/10/2021 7:58 PMupdated: 21/10/2021 8:09 PM


  • Maxine B.
    04/10/2021 13:47

    Too many women going missing, so scary man

  • Nathan T.
    03/10/2021 23:38

    Someone said it

  • Jason W.
    03/10/2021 20:20

    I disagree,

  • Michael W.
    03/10/2021 14:32

    lets see over 3/4 of america is white, hmmm, common sense man

  • Leopold J.
    03/10/2021 11:15

    It it what it has always been and still is - it is institutionalized...

  • Jason C.
    03/10/2021 06:19

    What would help support this story are both the empirical evidence and the use of matching examples to support the premise that women and people of colour are described differently. These would make it much harder to dismiss.

  • Ben Jackson
    02/10/2021 19:20

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  • Doreen F.
    02/10/2021 18:19

    There's no one to blame but the media. They are the ones who cover these missing persons.

  • Jasim B.
    02/10/2021 18:05

    Same reason 2 American soldiers dying get more attention than 33 Afghanis / Iraqis etc dying in the same incident . They are at the top of the food chain , same way as whites are in America .

  • Lionel L.
    02/10/2021 01:23

    What about all the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Woman!!!! Where's their news broadcast and nationwide manhunt. Dont they have a voice that needs to be heard??? Only white woman get this type of national coverage right?? Pathetic!!!!

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