• Vamsi K.
    4 days

    lol! It only shows lack of creativity. Like bollywood copying south films and ruining them.

  • Lalitha D.
    25/09/2021 15:44


  • Raka S.
    24/09/2021 08:27

    Ruin the old classic Ad.. 😭

  • Rhudhh C.
    24/09/2021 07:48

    भेरी गूड 👍

  • Nita S.
    23/09/2021 17:56


  • Surendra J.
    23/09/2021 15:39

    Original is original... remakes can't always capture the magic 😉

  • Jayati D.
    23/09/2021 08:41

    Mondolez has to improve the quality of Cadburys chocolates they sell in India. It is of highly poor quality.

  • Nupur D.
    22/09/2021 21:22


  • Shaista S.
    22/09/2021 19:32


  • Reena R.
    22/09/2021 14:49

    Please don't copy old ads. They are classic. Kindly come up with something new or creative. I still feel the original is the best. The old ad was looking more natural and effortlessly executed 😊

  • Lakhan S.
    22/09/2021 07:36

    Sach kaha.

  • Amor S.
    21/09/2021 15:21

    The old one brings nostalgia, this new one gives nothing but neuralgia.

  • Jaya K.
    21/09/2021 13:20

    Heart throbing add of our child hood days Thank you Dairy Milk For representing a great sweet Memory .

  • Rahul S.
    21/09/2021 10:32

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  • Datta T.
    21/09/2021 06:38

    27 years

  • Deepti S.
    21/09/2021 04:47


  • Neeraj M.
    21/09/2021 04:06

    Great Progressive thinking

  • Mulungi R.
    21/09/2021 01:46

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  • Ramesh M.
    21/09/2021 00:25

    Artificial and forced

  • Lew J.
    21/09/2021 00:22

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