Why Can’t Delhi Fight Winter Pollution?

Winter is coming. Delhi is once again enforcing emergency measures to tackle deadly air pollution. But why do we always have to wait for the worst before we try to tackle it?

16/10/2018 12:36 PM
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  • Nanda K.
    04/11/2018 07:26

    अपने घर से 8 से लेकर 10 किलोमिटर जाने वाले लोग साईकल का उपयोग करे वर्णा साँस लेना भी मुसखिल हो सकता ।

  • Parveen J.
    03/11/2018 13:32

    True, अब WHO ने प्रदूषण पर अपनी ताज़ा रिपोर्ट 2018 में. दुनिया के 20 सबसे प्रदूषित शहरों की सूची में 14 भारत के हैं. दिल्ली भारत का सबसे प्रदूषित शहर है

  • Jaswinder S.
    02/11/2018 16:45

    Not a single plant. Foolish people always blame others for that. Not a single tree is there People's even not planting roof tops. You all deserve this. Not blame farmers for that.

  • Gopal S.
    02/11/2018 03:28

    ओर करो विकास कूड़ा कचरा ही मिलेगा

  • Gopal S.
    02/11/2018 03:26

    लालच ने बनाई हैं

  • Anand N.
    01/11/2018 05:16

    When you guys have all the knowledge why dont u act upon and get a solution done.

  • Parmesh Y.
    31/10/2018 11:49

    It's too late to fix the Environment. Now face the 6th mass extinction all of you.

  • DrAmit G.
    30/10/2018 16:48

    Why don't you use cycles instead of using car bikes. And never ever use aircondisners think of it

  • Surendra K.
    30/10/2018 15:55

    Very sad .. next generation is in big danger

  • Abhishek S.
    30/10/2018 04:05

    The problem is compounded because also only makes it an issue in winter months... Its funny... that we are over-complicating a fairly simple physical problem. We don't have chemical pollutants, its particulate pollution. Sources are very very well known (both geographically) and figuratively (what are the sources) - stubble / bio-mass burning, road and construction dust, power plant emissions and finally vehicular emissions. Also the solution for source are more operational and low tech and low cost...but yes needs a lot of enforcement and political and bureaucractic will. Road Side Emissions: Wash major roads - 3 times a day with ETP water. Don't do dry sweeping - either vaccuming or washing of streets Construction Dust: Watering of active dust piles....and covering up of non active dust piles Bare Patches of Land: There should be no bare patch of land on Indo-gangetic plain, just plan jungli grass. Once you increase green cover, precipitation will kick in and nature will start cleaning the environment for you! Stubble Burning: If we are subsidizing farmers, let's do it completely. Government should provide free end to end stubble clearing service just how free water and electricity are provided. All tractor and equipment companies can sell their equipment to the government to implement this. Power Plant emissions: Improve enforcement and control of stacks - it's only NTPC and that's a government company - let's tighten the noose there Vehicular Emissions - Get Odd-Even. Remove Diesel vehicles (any age) from city centres. Fines of 50,000!

  • Maple S.
    30/10/2018 02:31

    Stop that superstiuos Hinduism ritual on rivers which pollutes the rivers. That is not worship . That is only hypocrisy. And polluting

  • Maple S.
    30/10/2018 02:30

    Devali people eat . And enjoy . Make restriction on fireworks

  • Maple S.
    30/10/2018 02:29

    You should stop Ravan burning that is foolish festival Ravan already has died. Just pollution nothing .

  • Maple S.
    30/10/2018 02:28

    This is what I say why indian government take step in the beginning. When now rivers are flithy then they say we run campaigns. Fool people

  • Bini S.
    30/10/2018 01:10

    Yeah that's right

  • Harjot S.
    29/10/2018 18:33

    Sanjeev be careful in december q k result bhi tbhi ayega😂

  • Soham S.
    29/10/2018 14:29

    Sayeri M In the name of festivals we ruin our own city😊

  • Ashutosh S.
    29/10/2018 14:07

    Salo saans matlo kyon ki Tum oxygen lekar carbon chodte ho, issue pollution hota h,

  • Robert K.
    29/10/2018 08:42

    Every year same this time.... remaining month of the year.... complete silence

  • Nitin V.
    26/10/2018 17:39

    Or Shyed herket bhi

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