Why Environmental Activist GD Agarwal Fasted Until He Died

Environmental activist GD Agarwal died after carrying out a 111-day hunger strike to protest government inaction on cleaning up the Ganga. Agarwal held a PhD in environmental engineering from the University of California in Berkeley and dedicated his life to saving the river. Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered his 'condolences' after Agarwal died.

13/10/2018 6:00 AM
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  • Balwinder S.
    22/10/2020 04:06


  • Prabhakar B.
    30/04/2020 06:40

    🇮🇳🔥इस महान भागीरथ को शतशः नमन 🔥🇮🇳

  • Mangat R.
    11/04/2020 08:50

    100s of crores have been spent by various govts.for eradication of pollution of Holy Ganga but to no avail. Rajiv Gandhi started GAP about 35 years back. There is no point to blame Modi ji for it. As per the reports of last few weeks, Ganga water pollution has been decreased to a large extent. Therefore, it is the human activity including गँगा स्नान which is responsible for its pollution. And no government can stop it. Only the public awareness.

  • Dario M.
    30/10/2019 18:00

    GD. alone could not carry out this, they had to accompany him, what one alone cannot, in a group it is achieved.

  • Josh C.
    12/03/2019 02:41

  • Pushpendra P.
    11/03/2019 20:55

    Never heard before. Again dirty trick. Modi Ji definitely did a lot for restoration and rejuvenation of Ganga ji. Creating water way is not a insulting idea. The old man should do what he likes.

  • Deepak K.
    20/02/2019 08:16

    वेरी नाइस सर

  • Sandip U.
    18/01/2019 08:16

    Littering Blaming is easy, cleaning is hard. No river, lake or sea can be completely clean if local people and residents are taking cleanliness and public properties for granted. I have seen 70 year old grandpa and grandma littering n polluting rivers lakes n seas. We can't blame others for our own shits, we Indians are tout zero manners for public properties and social health issues. Hope our kids won't follow our bad habits

  • Himanshu B.
    17/01/2019 06:27

    70 saal se gandi ho rhi thi tb kidhar dhyan tha.. Research krlo thoda

  • Madhok P.
    15/01/2019 19:26

    in Telegraph... से something about actions taken pre-2014..ths govt is trying something at least.. don't have anything you show... And only trying to downgrade others... thugs... 😂

  • Arvind K.
    13/01/2019 19:29

    120 year old tannery shit was being dumped in the river, thanks to British policy and continuing congress apathy. this was diverted from the river, for sure this another stunt by this channel. most probably no such man existed or died with indefinite fast, if he fasted that should be rid the dynasty which is funding this channel

  • Faiz A.
    13/01/2019 13:39

    It's not one person or a government can change everything, but it has to done by every citizen to keep clean your place, city and every public places. Criticising any one is easy but taking action against anything is hard.

  • Sudip D.
    13/01/2019 12:46

    Great, Sir I agree and can feel your pain for MA Gange...You would live till MA Gange flows...

  • Gaurav S.
    13/01/2019 08:26

    Ye dada ko door see namas kaar itne saaalo se jiteeee rehe ganga ko gandaaa hota dekhte rehe😈

  • Gunwant J.
    13/01/2019 07:29

    I have been an avid admirer and follower of swami ji and Knew him personally and learnt from him a lot. It is also true that nothing substantial, so to say, has been done by Prime minister Modi in last four and half years w/r to Ganga rejuvenation. But you must appreciate that it's a huge task and needs a lot of time. Earlier Governments spent huge sum of money(almost 17000 caror rupees )in nearly two decades. which has gone totally waste as no improvement in water quality could be seen. It is easier to prevent a river from getting polluted but it's very difficult, time consuming and costly to restore a degraded river to Normal unpolluted state. We need to give more time to Mr. Modi.

  • Jenifer F.
    13/01/2019 07:27

    Mitesh Verma

  • RaghuRam T.
    13/01/2019 06:04

    And why are these ppl outside parliament while ppl inside are joking around?

  • Lokesh S.
    13/01/2019 05:51

    This is ground reality

  • Yasmin J.
    13/01/2019 02:53

    A magnificent river, shame they are taking it lightly. Respect to the man who died for this cause

  • Anita S.
    12/01/2019 17:14

    Kaisi kaisi mhan hastiyon se bhra h hmara desh pr hmen kadra nhi h afsos h...

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