• Yahaya Y.
    26/04/2022 07:29

    Population gives India advantage where by EU & US can't dictate to them

  • Devashish B.
    28/03/2022 16:59

    Pakistan needs the kind of minister of Imran calibre a great cricketer who made a cancer hospital for the people of Pakistan but if he goes and again there is military rule and there would be more terrorism in Indian border because their army will support terrorism.

  • Mohammad K.
    28/03/2022 11:29

    He is highly educated and far away from religious politics He agreed to leave the power but don't want to purchase the MPs If works done good must be appreciated and wrong must condemned It's quite opposite from Modi

  • Ibn E.
    28/03/2022 08:53

    Khan is right

  • Abdul A.
    27/03/2022 21:08

    To ditch you by the US. After this speech US President Joe Biden has said only India among the Quad group of countries is “somewhat shaky” in acting against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine

  • Ferhat A.
    27/03/2022 16:46

    Without imran forget pak .im sorry to say the truth

  • It'z T.
    27/03/2022 14:39

    Well..... I wasn't surprised because give credit where due

  • Aamir R.
    27/03/2022 12:01

    Ye hai mera leader jo sahi ko sahi or galat ko galat khul kr kehte hen

  • Usman Y.
    27/03/2022 10:58

    Imran khan zindabad.

  • Muhammad I.
    27/03/2022 10:42

    Because he is true leader who wants regional stability, prosperity, development and wants people to come out the powerty .. besides previous 70 years we both Pakistani and indian are engaged in wars and have never think off about our people instead we paly like a poput of west.....now please time has come to resolve our issues and move forward to uplift or regional stability prosperity development for prosperity of our people s

  • Maria A.
    27/03/2022 04:38

    Only the corrupt puppets have left him...we the people of Pakistan are and always stand beside Imran khan❤❤

  • Nadeem K.
    26/03/2022 21:35

    He has gone astray. He very badly bewildered Pakitanis, broke all promises and broke backbone of Pak awam, small and medium business economies. Dont believe him. He is a big li***r.

  • Mohammed A.
    26/03/2022 15:06

    This is the last chance Allah has Given the Pakistani people,either Stay with a true patriot or die as Covereds with looters& thugs. They are just trying to save their Skin, so they can save their Looted money. These so call Leaders have no sympathy for Pakistan.

  • Muhammad A.
    26/03/2022 13:43

    jb tlp waly ambassador ko nikalny ki bt krty thy Europi Union ko naraz nhi kr skty or apni siyast chmkany k lye ??

  • Deepak B.
    26/03/2022 13:42

    ...waiting for the day we praise them.

  • Ankur S.
    26/03/2022 11:46

    Surprise but true statement... Our PM (s) from Nehru to Modi all are doing their best for the country... 'Don't waste your power , Money, energy by doing nonsense to other countries....'

  • Mushtaq A.
    26/03/2022 11:45

    Don't take him serious,he is saying one thing in the morning & another in the evening,still both are contradictory by 180 degrees and even he believe both with utmost faith.

  • Ejaz A.
    26/03/2022 11:28

    It's for domestic consumption...

  • Mhrr S.
    26/03/2022 07:54

    he told truth...i appreciate pm khan♥️we proud our brave leader

  • تطہیر ب.
    26/03/2022 07:24

    PM IK ❤

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