Why Is 5th February A National Holiday in Pakistan?

Did you know Pakistan observes 5th February as Kashmir Solidarity Day and has also declared it a public holiday? 🇵🇰🏔🇮🇳

08/02/2019 12:15 PMupdated: 08/02/2019 1:24 PM
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  • विश्वजीत घ.
    28/02/2019 11:25

    My dear Indian's Plzz unsubscribe Brut

  • Sunny C.
    28/02/2019 08:20

    Kasmir to thik he ab to lahore me bhi tiranga fehraenge.

  • Sunny C.
    28/02/2019 08:19

    First look for 70000 peoples were killed by terrorist in your own country You send terrorist to attack in iran afgan and india they killed your armymens children's in peshawar school they rape kill and sell organs of baloch women and torture them. Ahmedia kill shia Shia kill sunni Sunni kill ahmedia What the fuck kind of peoples you are Shame on you pakistan.

  • Ikrama M.
    27/02/2019 23:19

    Stop pellet gens

  • Mechboy S.
    27/02/2019 16:35

    Lovada Pakistan

  • Nandan S.
    27/02/2019 09:56

    Pakistan is a fucking coward matter wat the fuc it does..

  • Vikash K.
    27/02/2019 01:46

    I love my India

  • Venkat S.
    27/02/2019 00:11

    They can cry a lot. But nothing is going to change. Kashmir acceded to India. When you don't have food and water for 4 provinces what are going to do with Kashmir. Tum se na ho paya

  • Venkat S.
    27/02/2019 00:09

    Did you know pakistan has 4 provinces and 12 separatists movements. 😂🤣🤣🤣😂

  • SB S.
    26/02/2019 06:56

    Why dont u stand with your baloch people

  • Vishal K.
    26/02/2019 06:39


  • Sagnik R.
    25/02/2019 16:46

    Use original Gun

  • Parag N.
    25/02/2019 16:13

    Jai hind vande matram

  • Parag N.
    25/02/2019 16:13

    Jai hind vande matram

  • Pushpraj S.
    25/02/2019 10:38

    Its time to new Bangladesh come on Indian solider 🍅🍅🍅

  • Karan V.
    25/02/2019 10:06

    Chamam key chutiya hai yeh log.

  • Eeshan R.
    25/02/2019 09:27

    Acc to me..Kshmir is only for kashmiris ....atlast kshmeer vill b independent i hopeee the day vill came sooon..alah is janat e ke hifaxat khud kreengay i hope inshallah.....

  • RPranesh D.
    25/02/2019 06:37

    Stop using patharbaji stone's on indian army's

  • Pravin N.
    25/02/2019 03:05

    First a fall y country was divided on basis of religion...That gave this devil more Power ..

  • Sabyasachi D.
    24/02/2019 18:22

    Ek bhikhari Desh terrorist bhej Raha hai,Lekin khane Ko pesa nehi,pine Ko Pani nehi,haag ne kiliye toilet nehi hai, Ab Agar India terrorist bhejna suru kare jiske pass sab kuch hai, to porkistan tera Kiya hoga, 😂😂🤣 tab to India may holiday everyday hoga.😉

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