Why You Should Stop Using the Word "Gypsy"

You may know them as "gypsies", but their real name is the Roma people. And believe it or not, they are from India.

07/24/2019 4:59 AM
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  • Parvinder S.
    07/24/2019 05:07

    Mostly Casts are from India 🙌

  • Susanne T.
    07/24/2019 05:08

    Thank you for forwarding that information.

  • Soorya S.
    07/24/2019 05:09

    So Maruti is rasict??

  • Asit C.
    07/24/2019 05:15

    Thanks you so much very nice God bless you Thanks.

  • Rohan G.
    07/24/2019 05:16

    Gypsy is my favourite vehicle

  • VS M.
    07/24/2019 05:19

    Now the whole world knows who are this people .From where they come accept them as equal.

  • Mohit S.
    07/24/2019 05:23

    Never heard of Romani in India before. Still there is no village or tribe in India after them..If EU doesnt accept Romanis worries..Indians will ..we have a big heart...welcome..

  • B. S.
    07/24/2019 05:29

    😍💐 They are the one who travelled along the merchants from India to other countries when means of transportation were limited. They had carts for carrying goods ...and later on They were taken by Hun, Mangol and Afghanistanis to carry their weapons and ammunition and Armour.. with time they settled outside of India. Many Hindi words are part of their vocabulary even now. As per History they're from Punjab side. That time there was no Pakistan between Punjab and Afghanistan.

  • Abdur R.
    07/24/2019 05:32

    Moti should bring them back..

  • Violet R.
    07/24/2019 05:35

    some truly spectacular global gypsy music – with India in its soul The music of the Roma – 'children of India' – has a unique sound and blends diverse influences... the exceptional eloquence of the style.. mesmerising. ..similarities to the folklore of India. ..Russia and India. .have the same wavelength. ideologies and traditional music thanks to our great Nomads.. .

  • Muhammad S.
    07/24/2019 05:39

    I dated a Roma girl and she told me her ancestry results showed she has Indian Origin and her family was living in US since last 3 generations and moved from Hungary.

  • David G.
    07/24/2019 05:56

    I am a gypsy by soul!

  • Vivek H.
    07/24/2019 05:58

    we homeboys Drujit Rajaveanu 😂

  • Sarika C.
    07/24/2019 06:09


  • Jjames A.
    07/24/2019 06:33

    Most of such gypsie Indians r now in Slovakia !!

  • Pichuap C.
    07/24/2019 06:48

    They are from India??? They look more like Europeans???

  • Brut India
    07/24/2019 06:59

    Hungarian Roma singer and dancer Gina Rubik who travelled to India to learn about her connection to the country talks about the Roma lifestyle:

  • Rajveer S.
    07/24/2019 07:34

    Gypsy is my Fav car :)

  • Mna T.
    07/24/2019 11:23

    Do they also put grated cheese over everything?

  • Greg O.
    07/24/2019 11:45

    Can believe it !