Woman Forced To Hit Companion With Slipper

These young people were sitting in a Meerut market when a gang of men surrounded them, allegedly because they were from different faiths. What followed was a humiliating public spectacle... TW: Distressing visuals

23/09/2021 3:00 PM
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  • Nicholas E.
    27/09/2021 11:57

    one country i'll never visit.

  • Nash B.
    27/09/2021 09:42

    India 🇮🇳, the most racist country i have ever been at. Never again

  • Kp S.
    27/09/2021 04:01

    😡😡😡 thanks to BJP , I don't want BJP to win in 2022 . Otherwise situation will get even worse . These goons are getting support by the bjp

  • Abdul R.
    27/09/2021 00:20

    Hindus act tough when they have oil dripping down their head. Lads stink like gutter.

  • Abdulrahman A.
    26/09/2021 02:10

    So Indians are really like this? Wow unbelievable. They always act like thug's in their movies but even in real life they are thug's too.

  • Narendra N.
    25/09/2021 17:26


  • Smita S.
    25/09/2021 15:51

    Are we going back to pre-historic times? What did that couple do? And what they do is your business? These thugs are uneducated and certain political party wannabes. Later in life they will realise that time has past and still they are working as sevaks. Kya pagal hai.

  • Vikas S.
    25/09/2021 13:17

    Where are these HMJ at the time of corona

  • Muhammad S.
    25/09/2021 11:55

    This was our leader Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah made Pakistan for us and we are living in peace and he said muslims in india will spend their life proving loyalty to hindus

  • Asad H.
    25/09/2021 00:59

    atleast you have guts….

  • Mansoor S.
    24/09/2021 22:07

    Modern india

  • Rushan R.
    24/09/2021 21:31


  • Gulcheher P.
    24/09/2021 17:52

    This is what Modi’s disgusting Hindutva is about?

  • Christina R.
    24/09/2021 11:59

    What the hell is happening in India.?

  • Krishna K.
    24/09/2021 11:00

    Those gangs of men just booked a torture room of mine in hell... they'll be welcomed greatly...not only bullying them also dumping their trust over humans... they'll get revenge....

  • Ujjal L.
    24/09/2021 10:53

    This is injustice.

  • Imraz S.
    24/09/2021 09:22

    Still living in 1700s

  • Asim E.
    24/09/2021 09:20

    Real face of india

  • Gregory S.
    24/09/2021 09:16

    Hate fanatics. They belonged to Satan.

  • Humanity F.
    24/09/2021 09:10

    I was planning to visit India with some of my German friends but we see different videos that people treated badly by own citizens😒 because of there faith, now we changed our mind to visit different countries. I Don't why people treat each other badly eventhough they are from the same country🤔.

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