Women Politicians Strike Back At Sexism

"Blot on all legislators", "Redneck", "Piece of s***". Here's how women politicians around the world have reacted to sexist comments in Parliament.

11/23/2019 10:54 AMupdated: 11/26/2019 12:53 PM
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  • Suvikhya S.
    06/15/2020 15:41

    This is so saddening 🙁 These men just slurred such sexist comments openly on ladies like this without having a second thought about their so-called reputation and consequences... And when a lady says like this, she's been insulted and humiliated by those men that "these ladies insluts us when it comes on them." Like, what the fuck?! Who started it first? Ofcourse these goons🤷

  • Lisa A.
    06/02/2020 13:19


  • Shoaib R.
    05/29/2020 12:57

    Kon hai yeah ? 🤔

  • Horace R.
    04/14/2020 21:45

    Call them pigs out.

  • Anooshay Z.
    01/24/2020 07:05

    is this tulsi

  • Chamatee B.
    01/17/2020 14:12


  • Kamlesh S.
    12/23/2019 15:15

    जय सिया राम

  • Shirsho G.
    12/23/2019 13:08

    Smriti Irani ❤️🔥

  • S S.
    12/23/2019 12:07

    Motta pan lam Karne Ka exercise bla bla blaster by mouth

  • Hindustani B.
    12/23/2019 10:33

    She is a dramebaaz aunty😜

  • Syeda S.
    12/23/2019 10:12

    Shame on u. Being a woman u wont show any respect to girl students in jamia university.

  • Saqib E.
    12/23/2019 09:59

    Sas bhi kabhi bahu thi, se wapas nikal payi hai lagta hai....itna acting kaha se kar leti hai bencho

  • Saqib E.
    12/23/2019 09:56

    Isko koi MC Donald's bhejo wapas iski awkat parliament mai nahi hai

  • Mohd A.
    12/23/2019 05:57

    Yeh Randi kiski hai

  • John R.
    12/23/2019 05:22

    Hatao isko

  • Zargham A.
    12/23/2019 05:20

    Yeh chuitya aurat ko sirf baki sexist comment dikhai deta hai lekin apne party kai rapjst ko leke and unki tippiniya ko leke baji kai muh nai lakhwa par jata hai... chutiya aurat

  • Tapan S.
    12/23/2019 03:40

    No Cab

  • Tarun R.
    12/23/2019 01:21

    Ves...bull etc

  • Zaid I.
    12/22/2019 22:29

    Chup kal muhi

  • Raees K.
    12/22/2019 18:41

    Ye tv me hi actor acchi thi

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