• Ann M.
    08/06/2019 09:19

    Keeping criminals of central bankers in check! Australia's biggest bust in history: Officers seize over 1.6tonnes of meth worth $1.2 BILLION hidden in stereo speakers shipped from Thailand. ( ) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7114301/Australias-biggest-ice-bust-Officers-seize-1billion-worth-Thailand.html * * * A trio of Chinese naval ships is readying to sail out of Sydney Harbour, leaving behind a political storm. https://7news.link/LNaLKN

  • Patrick R.
    02/10/2018 14:31

    here ya go

  • Judy W.
    25/09/2018 05:15

    here it comes...

  • Vanessa G.
    12/05/2018 14:21

    just like u said it came up

  • Charles P.
    09/05/2018 13:56

    You do know that Brut is a mens grooming company? Why turn to them for news?

  • Gustavo I.
    06/05/2018 19:14

    falei p vc

  • Ignacio D.
    05/05/2018 11:02

    , Seguro ya lo has visto, pero por si acaso.

  • Tommy L.
    03/05/2018 23:37

    it is just a tip of the ice berg shown in this video... U know Chinese government is severely corrupted, even the so called "imprisoning corrupted officials" in China is actually just wiping away the officials that the leader of China do not like because they dont obey him. Every officials in China corrupts. SO, WITH THIS SYSTEM implemented into the society will cause serious negative effects on the citizens, the large companies will corrupt with the officials and if some citizens say some bad or negative respond or comment on that companies, that citizens' score will be deducted. Even if the citizens talk about the bad thing of the government or the big companies, they will have their scores deducted, sometimes those bad things are actually real stuffs happening, such as corruption and illegal stuffs of the big companies. People will be scared to talk about the bad thing of them. Let me CONCLUDE, if you want to make the citizens behave better, it should be done by education, NOT by this system full of NONSENSE!!

  • James F.
    25/04/2018 17:03

    Then we the or not they can have a kid then wether or not they can live

  • Sheikh S.
    25/04/2018 07:58

    Aree dhurr!! Eirokom an abar. Hayre media.

  • Swad A.
    25/04/2018 02:06

    this is black mirror in real life!

  • Joseph R.
    23/04/2018 17:04

    iz happening

  • Brianne R.
    23/04/2018 16:29


  • Alastair C.
    23/04/2018 12:58

    This was literally an episode of Black Mirror.

  • Richard G.
    23/04/2018 12:12

    Can we have this in the United States please

  • Dei M.
    22/04/2018 21:16


  • Leah C.
    22/04/2018 21:12

    זה נורא

  • Donna L.
    22/04/2018 19:43


  • Tehilla K.
    22/04/2018 19:10

    omg. Black mirror...its happening!!

  • Martha-Paige M.
    22/04/2018 18:05

    psycho pass 🤔

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