If there were only 100 animals on Earth...

Here is what the Earth would look like if there were only 100 animals living on it.

For this video, we based ourselves on a scientific study published in the journal PNAS in 2018. The study estimates the total biomass on Earth, meaning the mass of life on Earth, as well as the distribution of this mass according to different groups of species (plants, animals, fungi…). The masses of the different groups were estimated from their carbon mass. Source 1 Source 2

We first focused on animals. We calculated the percentage of each group based on their total mass. For greater readability, these percentages were rounded to the nearest unit (except when the data justified a precise value). We also decided to present these percentage as the number of individuals (out of a total of 100 animals of equal mass).

Finally, we calculated the distribution of total biomass by adding non-animal groups such as plants or bacteria.

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  • Manju S.
    09/11/2020 07:13

    We may have more number of diseases nd those who r meat eaters will die atleast there won't be animals to be butchered and feel sorry

  • Gangadhar S.
    08/11/2020 11:59

    Interesting information, highly thought provoking.

  • Cristine C.
    01/10/2019 01:06

    I miss my biology subject 😍

  • Thor E.
    29/09/2019 23:20

    2 humans same gender 🤔

  • Ruslan R.
    28/09/2019 19:29

    Moartea -n ate.

  • Dumitrascu V.
    28/09/2019 16:37

    Very interesting statistics , thank you !

  • Agus C.
    28/09/2019 06:02

    As if the earth is round ??

  • David J.
    28/09/2019 00:27

    100 animales o 100 especies ? Bruto el chavo he

  • Joe H.
    27/09/2019 20:18

    What a pointless video

  • Radhakrishnan M.
    27/09/2019 08:13

    This is an excellent video, this reveals that the only creature distroys the beautiful planet is the human. The said human lives in the planet only for 70 years approximately, distroys the 70percent of the world. Admin, please post such video to save our beautiful planet

  • Gautam D.
    26/09/2019 02:51

    Who would feed them all according to taste

  • Daniel A.
    26/09/2019 00:42

    Traduscanlo al español porfavor

  • Sabir H.
    25/09/2019 17:26

    Allaho Akbar

  • Jeimy M.
    23/09/2019 21:58


  • Beatriz R.
    19/09/2019 22:32

    Con tantas bacterias la humanidad no sobreviviría!

  • Sandeep D.
    19/09/2019 07:13

    Save Nature and Environment,Due to Population Explosion on this beautiful Planet,We are Affecting the Complete EcoSystem of this Planet and Collectively all are Responsible for this,Humankind is only Root Cause

  • Randy J.
    18/09/2019 21:58

    .. .mira de genial....

  • Khan K.
    18/09/2019 08:33

    He N.kzvNBCvn,

  • Sukanta S.
    18/09/2019 02:08

    Yes nice..

  • Surendran C.
    18/09/2019 00:51


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