Internet Addiction Is Real And Growing

Need more evidence that internet addiction is a real thing? A man in Chhindwara was reportedly so engrossed in an online game that he drank from a bottle of acid that he mistook for water. 💻📱😮 He was treated at a hospital and was recovering this weekend, Times of India reported.

06/03/2019 10:02 AMupdated: 26/08/2020 3:19 PM
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  • Amit S.
    10/03/2019 02:57

    why there were two bottels at first place??

  • Shaikh H.
    08/03/2019 02:35

    In India 10 out of 10 are Slaves to the Internet

  • Ansh C.
    06/03/2019 12:43

    Pet ke keede mar gaye hoge🐜

  • Sudipta D.
    06/03/2019 12:23

    to be noted.

  • Bharat M.
    06/03/2019 12:06

    wala hai kya? 😜 😜

  • Brut India
    06/03/2019 12:02

    "Even during treatment, he was busy playing some or the other game on his phone", a doctor who treated the man told ToI.

  • Rohan R.
    06/03/2019 12:02

    In China gaming is considered as a profession tho

  • Chandra S.
    06/03/2019 11:57

    Content for Project..🤣

  • Apurba K.
    06/03/2019 11:26

    Really truth. Absolutely truth. It is a great addiction. Addiction to internet is fatal for health and brain heslth. I whenever use my mobile I write in various points and topics in various TV channel and sites like Brut. Ind and other sites but I feel addiction. I very very frequently search any other sight. But I feel so. I sometimes try to find some important thing from google. But young generation they can't control. I keep switch off my mobile after 10pm or 11pm.And open 10am in the morning.I spend my spare time writing and writing about this and that. I got likes from ""NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL ""thrice and from ""NDTV ""TATA SKY """"Many times from ""Explore Hong Kong ""GOLDEN NOTES OF INDIA ""SOUND PASTA OF INDIA ""AMAZING ANIMALS LIFE top Fan ""DIGITAL ANGEL top fan ""and likes from nearly 5000 thousands Facebook friends across the world AND comments liked by more than 30000thousand within 1years. But we have to know how to use internet before blaming. But too much using of internet harmful for the eyes definitely.

  • Abhishek B.
    06/03/2019 11:21

    Now people who play pubg mobile will talk and rant about online gaming and how counter strike should be banned. 😄

  • Sarthak D.
    06/03/2019 11:13

    Drank acid? Well, that's a basic mistake.

  • Lekhraj J.
    06/03/2019 11:07

    Why would he keep acid beside his desktop?

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