• Trikam A.
    05/15/2018 06:21

    Kachh ki botale uj me kyo nahi

  • Hemaksh K.
    05/15/2018 06:34

    To aise thodi ban lagadiya bas maze karo. There should have been at least an year long procedure where market would see the change.. nothing should be done sudden with the masses.

  • Aniket V.
    05/15/2018 07:39

    😂😂 the truth is we still get plastic bags here.

  • Mukesh J.
    05/15/2018 07:46

    It is only on in paper but the reality is different than govt GR

  • Rahul W.
    05/15/2018 07:47

    Nariyal ke saath straw toh de diya karo bc 😭

  • Cyrus S.
    05/15/2018 09:47

    The reality.if plastic are not banned , eco system may damage

  • Rajluxmi M.
    05/15/2018 09:52

    plastic bags use na krna hum logo ka khud ka nirnay hona chahiye.. kyuki prithvi ko bchaenge tab to hum log v bachenge.. govt ke kagjo par hai bas ye sab ya plastic loby ye sab band nahi hone degi ye sare bahane pls chod dijiye khud apna dimag lagaiye.. ki hum kya barbaad kar rahe hai.. aur future generation ko hum kaisi lyf deke jayenge.. say no to plastic bags.. not fr any other reason.. just fr our planet

  • Zahra S.
    05/15/2018 10:03

    Its nonsense. The ban was practically implemented only for a week or so. Now all that crap is being used everywhere openly....

  • Anurag K.
    05/15/2018 10:12

    Shetty's turn 😂

  • Brut India
    05/15/2018 10:13

    This Indian chemistry professor came up with an innovative solution for reusing plastic:

  • Namrata M.
    05/15/2018 11:02

    Bravo.... hope retbof the states follow suit

  • Sumila M.
    05/15/2018 11:03

    Should b banned completely

  • Puja B.
    05/15/2018 11:04

    This is our responsibility to save our environment. Govt. Can take steps only. But to do it is our Commitment to ourself

  • Darshan K.
    05/15/2018 12:42

    Use and throw policy is turning a planet into a hell !

  • Pravin K.
    05/15/2018 12:53

    Sabse pahile plastic banane wali company band hindi chahiye

  • Goldiee S.
    05/15/2018 13:09

    still we can think of starting recycling business

  • Vishal S.
    05/15/2018 13:17

    Thats great

  • Amit M.
    05/15/2018 13:28

    I will be there

  • Babu D.
    05/15/2018 13:49


  • Anju H.
    05/15/2018 15:39

    Ban completely