PM Modi's App Sparks Outcry Over Alleged Data Breach

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's official app sparked a furor after allegations it shared user data without their consent.

29/03/2018 1:17 PM
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  • Maddy D.
    31/03/2018 10:27

    Not enough place 😃🤣

  • Somsagar M.
    31/03/2018 06:32

    Every app you register shares your data without your consent. There is nothing new about this app. So either stop complaining or stop using internet.

  • Saurabh B.
    30/03/2018 14:57

    And despite of so much fake propaganda against the namo app it got more than 2 lakhs download after the propaganda.i would suggest brut you keep on defaming him and his work and agenda will keep on winning despite of so much hatred spread by you.

  • Saurabh B.
    30/03/2018 14:54

    Hey Brut why no stories on apps of Congress and Karnataka Congress removed from Google bunch of sick minded guys always try to defame Narendra Modi but every time it back fires on you ,I think you guys should learn a lesson .

  • Vinarkar D.
    30/03/2018 13:52

    C h u t y a ... modi

  • Pratul S.
    30/03/2018 13:37

    Brut working day and night for Congress...brut is basically a bitch working hard to push congress agenda😂😂😂

  • Roshan W.
    30/03/2018 13:32

    Yeh gandu chod ka app kon download karega

  • Naveen D.
    30/03/2018 13:29

    These buggers put behind bars for the breach

  • Pavan C.
    30/03/2018 13:27

    Me proud my PM

  • Rahul M.
    30/03/2018 13:24

    Data chori krne waale apna chupane k liye dusro ko fasa re... N yahan toh saaf dikh gya.. ki kon data chori kr raha.. n kahan use ho Ra... I'm also gonna install Narendra Modi app

  • Dhruva P.
    30/03/2018 13:19

    Brut(butt) India! Sorry your propaganda is failing everywhere. Bjp is winning Karnataka 😂😂

  • Ajoy B.
    30/03/2018 13:18

    Fail government

  • Ravi S.
    30/03/2018 13:13

    These are the general info. Which requirerd to make any app more interactive and suitable for the users... It makes them understand users mood and views... It's called user friendly.

  • Chaudhary A.
    30/03/2018 13:07

    I m goona dislike your page. Fuck off

  • Akash Y.
    30/03/2018 12:57

    Holy shit! people still believe that their data is safe? I dunno why is there a fuss about congress deleting their app. Nobody's safe on the net. If anyone still believes that Modiji hamare data ko bhi bachayenge then I have no words for your hopelessness. Seriously people Grow up. Make sure to learn that if anyone wants to extract any data from you they can do it simply by push of a button. Many fools commenting aren't even familiar to online security and precautions. It's very boastful and presumptuous of these people if they think that NDA'S app is secured and that they respect your privacy. Grow up. Ye NDA Vs UPA ka randi rona band karo chutiyo. Desh ke baare me socho. Ye socho ki tum agar itne chutiye ho toh tumhare aane wale ansh kitne honge.

  • Uttam K.
    30/03/2018 12:51

    Brut valon ...... Matlb kuch v..... Hamari aur RG k knowledge mein kuch to farq hoga 🙄

  • Vikrant S.
    30/03/2018 12:49


  • Sanil S.
    30/03/2018 12:46

    or really moron brut its the congress app which was removed from google store. and what about the ca case where the whisleblower named congress as their client??? keep fucking

  • Himanshu P.
    30/03/2018 12:45

    Jalte ho lgta h

  • Surjeet S.
    30/03/2018 12:45

    Congress ka hath 😂😂

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