Using drones to save forests

Every year, 13 billion trees are lost to deforestation. This startup figured out how to plant one new tree per second.

Every year, way more trees are cut down than are planted

For years, technology has helped the commercial logging industry cut down billions of trees annually. Now, a reforestation startup wants to use tech start repairing that damage. Flash Forest uses drones to reforest areas affected by logging wildfire ecological blight at 10x the speed of a human. Deforestation is the second leading cause of climate change. Its collateral effects are also damaging the global ecosystem according to UN FAO.

“We are a Canadian-based reforestation company that uses drone technology to rapidly increase the rate of reforestation while drastically reducing the cost. Every year, the planet loses about 13 billion trees and regains less than half of that. So, despite the reforestation efforts across the planet, we're still losing this battle and we needed a solution that was scalable. That was quick. We're able to plant about one tree a second right now, and that's the type of speed that's going to be required to actually start winning this battle. Everyone knows that trees produce oxygen, but they also refill aquifers. They prevent erosion and they provide homes to animals. We've lost 60 percent of biodiversity or a ton of wild animal fish, reptile populations on the planet in the last 50 years. The issue of climate change has been massively accelerated by the use of technology. Think about airplanes. Think about vehicles. Think about resource extraction. However, reforestation is using humans on the ground with bags and shovels. It hasn't changed in the last century. So right now, we want to actually tip the scales and use technology for regeneration. Overall, in the dialog when it comes to just the state of the environment, often sounds like it's a battle that's being lost. We want to change that conversation”, Bryce Jones, founder - Flash Forest tells Brut.

Flash Forest’s concept is to use cutting-edge unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to plant a billion trees

At full capacity, the company says it can plant 100,000 seed pods per day. Tree planting has a 25% injury rate. Jones hopes with his project, technology can be seen as a tool in the climate change battle based on reports by Flash Forest.


12/01/2020 12:57 PM


  • Sue P.
    22/09/2020 00:35

    Great idea great work x

  • Ernhie T.
    22/09/2020 00:33

    You destroy this world.

  • Kelvin I.
    21/09/2020 19:30

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  • Ashwani S.
    21/09/2020 19:20

    Brutal. Atleast afraid of Climate Crisis. We all know it's changing but we still behaving like MORONS. Just think about our next generation, what would they have to face if we continue to 'deforestation' this way. IPCC: they predicted for 2100, that there might be a big change, also Ice is melting. I don't want to discuss that topic here, I hope most of us are aware already. Stop this. And plant more and more trees.

  • Tatty R.
    21/09/2020 19:18

    Mas lindo sería ver plantar que talar

  • Mirko H.
    21/09/2020 19:15

    Everyone can help. Ditch Google and switch for your search results to the German Startup who promises to spend 80 % of their profits in planting trees all over the globe, where they are urgently needed. 🌳❤️

  • Prakash G.
    21/09/2020 19:13

    It's take lots of year to grow . And this is humen just cut down it

  • Kristina H.
    15/02/2020 09:24

  • Mary L.
    14/02/2020 23:28

    My heart aches - that was such a healthy tree.

  • Erick F.
    14/02/2020 11:09

    Okay, how much that thing costs and where to find it?

  • Matthew E.
    13/02/2020 15:38

    You should say how many are lost because a lot that are cut down and replanned in the US.

  • Jason W.
    13/02/2020 13:47

    Where exactly are these huge expanses of un-forested, and un-farmed land? These mythical places which were logged, but never replanted?

  • Thomas J.
    13/02/2020 13:35

    And 60% of the trees we cut down could be using hemp for better yield for pulp and fibers so the reforestation would be able to keep up. All paper products can be hemp!

  • Fernando V.
    13/02/2020 13:30

    Great. However, the issue is not jut to plant the trees but to grow them up, I mean to maintain them in time. The massive planting has been taken part long ago, in fact this tecnique itself has been done in Africa for years- but the trees dies in short time for a lack of assistance...

  • Adolfo A.
    13/02/2020 13:11

    All countries should be required to plant trees or reforest denuded areas due to commercial logging.

  • Barry S.
    13/02/2020 13:10

    Go to Google maps and look at the satellite version and look around and you will see a lot of cleared land, farming land and urban areas. About half of the world's trees have been cut down so far. I didn't make this up. I read it recently.

  • Nicholas C.
    13/02/2020 12:45

    Exactly how do they plant trees? Or are they referring to planting seeds of trees ?

  • Deric F.
    13/02/2020 12:37

    They aren't planting trees. Just dropping these "seed pods". Probably less than half will actually germinate.

  • Puja G.
    13/02/2020 12:34

    How do we grow back trees more than a thousand years old??

  • Thomas S.
    13/02/2020 12:31

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