What's going on inside a recycling center

What happens to our yogurt tub once we've thrown it away? In France, new technology makes it easier for citizens to recycle. Brut Nature followed our waste inside a recycling center. ♻️

24/03/2019 6:01 PM


  • Cassie H.
    31/03/2019 20:20

    see other places have better recycling systems that we do

  • Tayeb G.
    31/03/2019 00:35

    Les procédés qui sont déjà dépassés dans les pays dis, riches = (polueurs) ,ne sont pas encore utilisés dans les pays dis pauvres.

  • Zeinab I.
    29/03/2019 20:25

    When will ever reach this although the poor Egyptian garbage collectors recycled everything before any one

  • Emmanuel N.
    29/03/2019 16:46

    Vraiment impressionant. Mes respects

  • Docter K.
    29/03/2019 11:53


  • Jesusita T.
    29/03/2019 10:27

    Great ! All countries should have this !

  • Nalin K.
    29/03/2019 08:27


  • Felisa E.
    29/03/2019 06:07

    sana esa rin eto sa pag ukolan ng manga mambabatas

  • Gloria C.
    29/03/2019 04:37

    Puro recycling everywer puede ba recycle mga mr

  • Maria S.
    29/03/2019 00:23


  • LuzMar E.
    28/03/2019 18:58


  • Prichard J.
    28/03/2019 16:10

    We urgently need to install such machines in all our municipalities depending on the garbage generated. If not our drainage system and canals will be filled with garbage in the very near future. Clock is ticking.

  • Dorjee T.
    28/03/2019 14:36

    Really need to learn in Nepal. Even hardly cross the street. Full of garbage.

  • Ellen J.
    28/03/2019 09:25

    We British are too busy to do this, MPs and business leaders are too busy fighting over brexit

  • Jean D.
    26/03/2019 17:43

    Why can’t this happen in Canada .?

  • OLD Y.
    25/03/2019 20:56

    Head to for natural wooden sunglasses. Responsibly sourced and we plant a tree for each order.

  • Ann-Sofie F.
    25/03/2019 12:04

    Crazy! Come to Sweden an learn!

  • Claude A.
    25/03/2019 02:05

    Canada would do well to follow suit !!!!

  • Mantas S.
    25/03/2019 02:00

    It really makes you think...

  • Margo G.
    24/03/2019 23:50


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