Why The FaceApp Challenge Might Be Dangerous

What's scarier than seeing your face when you're 70 years old? Knowing this app could be selling all your selfies to third parties.

19/07/2019 4:37 PMupdated: 19/07/2019 4:40 PM
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  • Mithun K.
    18/08/2019 07:13

    Shikhar Dhawan

  • Shivam S.
    17/08/2019 13:42

    Why should a person be scary looking at him or her's face at 70?? We grow young die older in normal ways.

  • Pratik P.
    15/08/2019 14:19

    Gabbar is looking awesome after applying face app on his image

  • संकेत ध.
    12/08/2019 09:05

    Stop watching Bollywood they can't even stand for Maharashtra

  • Shivam G.
    11/08/2019 14:23

    Caption padhle islie me mana kiya tha

  • Atul S.
    07/08/2019 11:36

    Still waiting for some random 75yr old upload there young days pic to this faceapp and wait for the morphed old suggested face.....just to compare there present day faces and the suggested face by the faceapp........ Just to see how correct or useless this is app is...

  • Sanjay S.
    07/08/2019 06:06


  • Sachin K.
    07/08/2019 05:23


  • Swapna D.
    01/08/2019 10:59

    I don't want to see my future face😄

  • Sona R.
    30/07/2019 12:50


  • Sadiq S.
    30/07/2019 02:15

    This is Not good For our Personal Data

  • Sunil K.
    29/07/2019 08:33

    FYI guys ;)

  • Rahul N.
    26/07/2019 16:15

    Haters gonna hate.. Actually American's hate Russian Apps so they are doing this type of nonsense planning and Indian's are dumb.. Than tell me what about facebook they taking all your ID information so its risk too .. How we are useing facebook from so many years ago..

  • Brut India
    22/07/2019 06:47

    There's a new malware in town; a fake FaceApp software is infecting people's devices:

  • Jaspreet D.
    22/07/2019 06:21

    See this

  • Abhishek A.
    22/07/2019 01:47

    I used it it was scary. People find it funny but it was horrible.

  • Sweta M.
    21/07/2019 21:13

    This app is great, now my mom can see how I am going to look like at her age... actually thinking of putting our pics together...and this privacy policy stuff is made by USA, as Kim Kardashian was trying to bring a similar app but Russians did it first ...

  • Smriti S.
    21/07/2019 06:56

    have fun

  • Bruce S.
    20/07/2019 20:27

    Jab lee hi liya fir ab kya sochna 😂😂😂

  • Raveena N.
    20/07/2019 20:15

    have you seen this ???👀

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