The life of Kristen Stewart

She's been a target of gossip magazines, paparazzi... and Donald Trump himself. Perhaps fittingly, she's been cast to play the role of Princess Diana. This is the story of Kristen Stewart.

05/07/2020 13:59actualizado: 06/07/2020 16:10


  • Darbey D.
    20/10/2021 20:32


  • Mushfiq E.
    07/10/2021 16:14

    🌷 Loved from "Twilight Saga"..🌿

  • RonY K.
    30/09/2021 17:53

    My crush.. 🥰🥰

  • Missie J.
    23/09/2021 11:13

    Love her

  • Sheila H.
    22/09/2021 15:58

    Love ❤ her

  • Joyce B.
    21/09/2021 22:56

    She looks somewhat a person on drugs. Look at her face now.

  • Perry F.
    21/09/2021 07:13

    Who cares...

  • Nore A.
    21/09/2021 03:48

    Hey stewy I have a live set from a blues man for you.. muah. Ruben- live

  • AbdlatIf S.
    20/09/2021 23:02


  • عبدالله ح.
    18/09/2021 17:44

    احبك ❤

  • WilmaTrina S.
    16/09/2021 17:42

    Absolutely beutyful

  • Loy C.
    15/09/2021 11:45

    She did not have on a minor threat t shirt. Please someone tell me that's not what I saw.

  • Chow I.
    12/09/2021 11:10

    My crush knowing you have choose other path of life but still you are my crush , live your life enjoy no matter what other say it's your life no body have right to judge ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Draper J.
    12/09/2021 00:58

    Her authenticity shines, she is a great actress. I hope is always know she has true fans that support her and love for being a strong woman.👑

  • Grace D.
    12/09/2021 00:00

    I don't like her acting, I might even skip the movie if she's in. But I don't understand why people hate her 🙄

  • Lisa K.
    11/09/2021 03:50

    She looks tired. Got bags under her eyes at such young age.

  • Rebecca S.
    10/09/2021 23:27

    Who cares? All she does is blink and look like she’s about to have a nervous breakdown.

  • Patrick R.
    10/09/2021 11:33

    Mad they left out "The Messengers", "Underwater" and "Camp X-Ray" which were some awesome performances.

  • Karen A.
    09/09/2021 21:20

    The devil always comes back for his souls kristen

  • Stacy J.
    08/09/2021 06:10

    Princess Diana? I'm not sure she can pull that off.