Hanging bridges in Costa Rica's canopy

Yes, walking among tropical treetops is a thing. In Costa Rica, hanging bridges offer unique vistas of the canopy. 🌴

Sometimes, mist covers the bridges, giving the impression of venturing though a forest of clouds

A walk among tropical treetops…It’s possible in Costa Rica thanks to this type of hanging bridge. Sometimes hanging several dozen meters above the ground, they offer unique vistas of the canopy, the upper layer of tropical forests in contact with the sun’s rays. In these ecosystems, which are usually inaccessible, climbing higher allows you to discover lush vegetation. But also, to observe the many animals that hide there, including monkeys, reptiles birds…To reach these hanging bridges, you need to travel to the surroundings of the Arenal Volcano or the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.


11/02/2020 8:09
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