Kivu: Inside one of the world’s most dangerous regions

In this region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, children are forced into militias and rape is used as a weapon of war ... Brut reporter Charles Villa went to North Kivu, one of the world’s most dangerous regions. ⚠️ Warning: the following video includes images and audio some viewers may find upsetting or disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

20/10/2021 18:58


  • Erick K.
    21/10/2021 20:17

    I used to be one of those kids now I live in Canada. SUD-KIVU

  • Glenda D.
    21/10/2021 03:17

    Interesting info.

  • Cole S.
    21/10/2021 03:11

    I wonder if they are hiring

  • Maxine W.
    20/10/2021 20:44

    An incredible eye-opener into what goes on in another country that we could/would never imagine. Whine now about not getting a vaccine shot or wearing a mask. Or take that phone in your hand for granted. My heart hurts after seeing this.